Splunk and Salesforce: Reap the Benefits

Does your business work on a centralized management system? If you work on a CRM system like Salesforce, you can […]

Does your business work on a centralized management system? If you work on a CRM system like Salesforce, you can benefit from Splunk integration. Splunk provides deeper insights into application management and helps in adoption and usage analytics. It monitors, collects, and visualizes the machine data, which makes your job easier.

CRM works as a single department where all the teams can integrate with a shared view. A co-integrated system captures and monitors a massive amount of data that provides analytic reports for the business. The integration will remove business security threats and enhance IT business operations.

Why Splunk?

Splunk is an amazing software that helps search, analyze, and visualize machine-generated data gathered from applications and different websites. It also collects data from various sensors and devices that are applicable in the IT industry.

It becomes difficult to generate data from the machines in real-time. Splunk can help to make the task easier for you. It accesses data in real-time by analyzing the system performance. You don’t have to wait for hours analyzing the data anymore, as you can do it quickly with Splunk. The best part about it is the ability to create dashboards to analyze and visualize the data.

Why Salesforce?

Salesforce started as a software service company that provided software solutions. It soon became an excellent platform for users and developers to create and distribute different customized software. Salesforce is based on a complete multi-tenant architecture, which means multiple customers can work on similar technology for desired results.

All the applications and infrastructure updates on the platform are automatic. It helps the organization or company focus on innovation rather than management. It is the best CRM platform to give your company a perfect head start in managing sales, marketing, commerce, and services. It works on Cloud computing, so tracking customer data is easier.

How can the integration of Splunk and Salesforce help your business?

When you integrate the Splunk app with Salesforce, you can analyze the trends and monitor all the operational activities. In addition, it lets you know about user behavior with extensive reports and dashboards.

splunk dashboards

It helps in application management, security, and analysis management. The main aim of Splunk and Salesforce integration is to boost the efficiency of the internal working processes and automate your operations. You don’t have to depend on manual research work as it is quick to analyze the reports. The integration manages the flow of business functions.


  • Provides data-driven reports

Unification of data across the data center affects the efficacy of the business functions. Data-driven reports improve productivity and service operations. The Splunk & Salesforce integration helps to consolidate all your data with a scalable platform. It helps you look across the teams and silos all in one place.

splunk reports

It helps the team gain the cross-function visibility that they always wanted, and they can understand the service health and report at a higher level. The clear reports show the system strength that helps in achieving long-term goals. If the teams don’t have a single place to monitor, the integration can help a lot.


  • Solves problem in real-time

If you have to maintain manual correlation rules that can’t keep up with the changing IT trends, it may pose operational problems in your organization. Integration of Splunk and Salesforce makes sure to solve problems in real-time. In addition, it empowers your business functions with artificial intelligence.

Using powerful machine learning algorithms and reports, you get alerts about the events. If matters truly require action, you’ll be able to solve them in no time. It can save time when you’re trying to prioritize different events.

The integration works on patterns, so you get proactive alerts when something wrong happens. It predicts early activities, the intensity of the different problems and provides solutions seamlessly at all levels.

  • Helps to scale business operations

If you cannot drill down the problem and have no comprehensive way to visualize the impacted services, it may affect operational efficiency. In addition, scaling the operations becomes difficult when you are stuck with the operations.

The integration provides your management a high-level view of service health, easy-to-navigate pages, and customized visualizations. The integration enables the intended responders to understand the need, and it provides solutions for your department to understand the problem and scale the operations efficiently. As a result, the salesforce data matures, and it helps your organization grow.

What can Splunk – Salesforce integration help you accomplish?

  1. Helps to analyze changing trends

Splunk is an intelligent platform, and its integration with Salesforce makes sure to analyze the changing trends. In addition, it delivers high-performance data analytics that is scalable.

The analytics enables the service providers and management to turn the machine data into insights. It brings the power of data analytics to the user across different enterprises. It helps to accelerate and scales the deployment of business functions with the changing trends.

  1. Monitoring operational and business activities

Splunk and Salesforce integration provides real-time monitoring, and customization of CRM offers added benefits. As a result, it helps with event management and provides complete visibility in the IT infrastructure.

Splunk provides complete monitoring of business services and applications. The side range of analytic coverage makes sure you don’t leave any function. Salesforce ensures smooth business with optimal customer coverage. The IT business operations work in a smooth flow with the integration. 

  1. Understanding the needs of the user

The integration opens doors to complex business processes that are tough to understand. It lets you analyze customer behavior and product usage. If you know the customer behavior, it will become easier for you to formulate different business policies.

Digital marketing campaigns for large brands work on user behavior. When you are aware of customer interests, you can change your policies to gain more advantage.

All the analytics reports give you complete transparency in knowing the customer data insights. With this, you can drive in more revenue and get more relevant business insights.

  1. Easy Application management

Splunk and Salesforce integration offers complete application management and delivery. It provides real-time visibility across different application stacks and provides end-to-end views in application performance, making the task easier for you. It helps to optimize the application quality, performance, and cost.

With Salesforce, you can enhance your platform functionalities and augment your business efficiency. It lets you innovate using user insights to develop new application management strategies. In addition, Salesforce enables you to build applications that add substantial functionality to your business ecosystem.

  1. Great Security monitoring

Splunk speeds up the security investigation in real-time through monitoring and historical analysis. Through integration, the security team can perform intent investigations and create reports in minutes. The most common security used cases are – insider threat, advanced threat detection, data compliance, data privacy, fraud analysis, and detection.

Salesforce lets you share objects and fields within the organization. It helps to secure data security with a shield performance encryption feature. In addition, it gives users complete access to data.

  1. Adaptation and custom analysis

IT security teams need to work on how information is layered. They should work on how the range of actions affects different security domains. The Splunk framework aims to help the security teams so that they can adopt and use the analysis in a productive way. They customize the reports and analysis that handles different threats by reducing the time.

     7. Endpoint logs and Operating system logs

The end-point monitoring dashboard aims to find information on client and server devices. You can also click on visualization to drill into different raw events. It highlights all the red fields that haven’t been extracted. Using the dashboard, you can make easy adjustments to endpoints and operating system log fields.

Other Benefits

Classy Fundraising system and DocuSign

With Salesforce, you can work on the DocuSign feature that is effective for all the operational and management functions. You can create a standard agreement for signs and trigger instant actions. It automatically stores the agreements on original records.

With Salesforce, you can elevate the customer signing experience and accelerate business with the intuitive signing feature. You will be able to sign from anywhere and from practically any device, which will help you save time. The feature can be used in almost every department, including sales, HR, purchase, and procurement.

DocGen in SaaS Database

DocGen feature in salesforce automates the most commonly used document creation processes, which eliminates manual work. It helps to improve the overall productivity of sales, marketing, and the service team. It simplifies the way all the documents are created using the service process.

It merges Salesforce data into different combinations of document templates. It automates document generation leads on Salesforce that helps to increase the overall accuracy and compliance. The best part is; it acts as the easiest tool for designing different templates. It offers multi-platform and multi-version compatibility.


Final Words

Splunk is the one of the best platforms for data analysis as it helps to analyze, monitor, and visualize machine-generated data. Salesforce is a Cloud platform with diverse CRM functions. With the integration, you can have a centralized log management system, and you can adopt the best approach to manage all your business operations.

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