The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Future of Humanity

Internet of Things (IoT) has been a boiling cauldron, of late. It is piping hot and everyone wants to grab a piece of it. And the decreas

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a boiling cauldron, of late. It is piping hot and everyone wants to grab a piece of it. And the decreasing cost of connectivity has further fuelled its growth. We are seeing more and more devices that are getting IoT support through the use of dedicated chips in them.

Before we start, let us tell you a bit about IoT. The easiest explanation is that it means connecting any and every device to the internet using any trigger, like a switch. So we can basically connect any device, be it smartphones or refrigerators to the internet and make them smart! And this will have a major impact on humanity and the way we live.

In this article, we will try to discuss how the Internet of Things is connected to the future of humanity.

Future of humanity

Healthy Tomorrow

The most significant change IoT is expected to bring is in the Healthcare sector. It is expected to make people healthier and happier. Wearable gadgets like smartwatches have been selling well recently and the numbers are nothing short of stupendous. This is due to the fact that humanity has started to understand its importance. Smartwatches come equipped with numerous sensors like heart rate monitors, which keep track of our daily activities. They also generate regular reports which enable us to see if there are some issues lurking that call for our attention. We keep listening to incidents when the lives of people have been saved because of heart rate sensors available on Apple’s smartwatches.

Reports are generated to act as warning signals and can significantly reduce the chances of upcoming mishaps. We can take steps to solve the problem before it aggravates to a drastic level. Most diseases are easier to cope at the earlier stages. These wearables let us know of any possible signs that may lead to such diseases. This means that because of the growth of IoT, we are looking at a healthier tomorrow for us and our families as well. A healthier tomorrow means a happier tomorrow too.

Curb in Man-made Disasters

IoT in EverythingThere have been innumerable instances where man has caused disasters because of his carelessness. But with every device expected to be connected to the internet, the chances of you faltering and paying the price is expected to reduce significantly. If we take up a hypothetical situation where we forgot to turn off the AC while leaving the house and if the AC is connected to the internet, we will get a notification for the same. We can even turn it off remotely. It can prevent many man-made disasters and ensure that our safety is intact.

A Connected Tomorrow

IoT connected tomorrowWith IoT, our activities tomorrow are expected to be interconnected. There will be a dearth of one-off activities. Everything will lead to something else and you can get almost any job done even without moving from your position. A product like Nest’s Smart Home has taken the usage of thermostats to another level. You can adjust the temperature of your home even without entering it. The prospect seems promising.

Let us try to picturise your tomorrow. You have set an alarm for 7 am. The clock that is supposed to wake you up will also wake up your coffee brewing machine. The alarm will be an indicator to the brewing machine that it’s time to start brewing a cup of coffee for you. When you lock your door while leaving, your AC will automatically switch itself off. After a hard day at the office, when you get in your car and turn the keys on, it will send a signal to your AC at your home that it’s time to wake up. When you unlock your house, you will be greeted with the temperature that you prefer for yourself. And in case you forgot the midnight party, your smart device will automatically remind you about the all-important party.

An Energy Efficient Tomorrow

IoT is expected to significantly reduce unnecessary energy wastage. The birth of smart cities is inevitable where transportation and other activities are dealt with in such a way so as to minimize energy wastage. We can expect various devices to coordinate and operate in such a way that they will consume as less energy as possible.

With less energy being consumed, the world will become a better place to live in. We will be able to live freely. Additionally, IoT is also expected to solve many security-related concerns. With everything being connected, it will be difficult to breach security measures. We expect new standards and laws in order to be able to accommodate these upcoming changes.

IoT in Other Industries

IoT will revolutionize the Agriculture sector. With the introduction of smart switches and sensors, farmers will get the luxury of remotely operating their equipment. They can also monitor the quality of soil, air, and the presence of chemicals accurately which will improve the quality as well as quantity of output. This will also make farming more cost-efficient and effective in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Change is the need of the hour. Every generation has experienced a major overhaul in the way they lead their life and ours is no different. IoT is expected to change the way we look at our lives tomorrow. And every coin has two sides. So while we ride high on positive expectations, we should not forget the chances of hitting the other side hard. Nevertheless, the future looks exciting and engrossing. We are sure to experience changes that we had never expected. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that the changes make us better human being tomorrow.

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