Thousands Of Companies Already Use Salesforce for B2B, Do You?

One of the crucial factors for any business including the most popular as well as essential Business-to-Business (B2B) is that […]

One of the crucial factors for any business including the most popular as well as essential Business-to-Business (B2B) is that the scope of growth should be unbounded. The B2B e-commerce has been rapidly stretching its market share at a CAGR of 18.7% from 2021 to 2028 with a vision to reach USD 25.65 trillion market valuation by 2028 according to the intensive competitive e-commerce market statistics. The valuation rate is indeed very much significant because of the fact that this rate is five times higher as compared to the B2C e-commerce market. This is why this impressive transformation in the B2B eCommerce market analytics calls for a sturdy Salesforce B2B commerce data model. Now, let us understand what does this Salesforce B2B Commerce exactly implies.

Salesforce B2B Commerce is an affordable business solution that customizes/personalizes e-commerce platforms for commercial buyers. Salesforce B2B solutions help to create personalized e-commerce storefronts particularly aimed at tailoring mass purchases, with advanced settings and a seamless, self-controlled customer experience that increases profit. The implementation of Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud undoubtedly creates an extraordinary e-commerce store experience for commercial customers with all the B2B required functionalities. In simple words, Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud offers superior consumer-like experiences to business buyers.

Now, we will closely analyze the features of Salesforce B2B.

Salesforce B2B Features

We will discuss some major Salesforce B2B features that help e-commerce storefronts speed up sales, improve revenue, and ensure a seamless commercial experience within the ecosystem.

  1. Salesforce B2B Commerce solution enables self-management service for the business customers. This feature allows B2B business owners to exert complete control over the purchases done from their site and also allows their clients to modify a few details of the orders before placing the same order again. Besides, Salesforce B2B features lets them negotiate prices, change shipping details, etc., since most of the clients are repetitive customers.
  2. With Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, B2B business owners can easily create precise and descriptive product catalogs. Through these catalogs, business owners can provide illustrative pictures and substantial descriptions of their products on particular e-commerce sites that can interest their customers and enhances customer engagement rates. No doubt, a well-organized and precise product catalog increases chances of better conversion rates and also offers customers with diligent business offers so that they can come to an informed buying decision without wasting much time.
  3. Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud implementation paves the way for businesses to offer customized pricing for their products for different sets of clients. Salesforce B2B Commerce enables businesses to offer similar functionalities to their online customers just as physical store customers. This allows the business owners to establish an exceptionally superior online buying experience. Salesforce platform features lets enterprises update the prices of the specific products targeted to a particular group of customers.
  4. Salesforce B2B allow wholesale business owners to experience a simple and easy order fulfillment process and helps to get a clear centralized view of their inventory for both the online and offline stores. Besides, with Salesforce they can easily monitor and place orders for inventory stock depending on the product order history, the product availability in the inventory, the sales produced by a product, and the cart value.
  5. With Salesforce, B2B business owners can access a seamless omnichannel shopping experience where businesses can provide mobile friendly websites, flexible ordering experience, structured check-out process, instantly responsive websites and an overall consistent shopping experience.
  6. Salesforce B2B features offer integrated CRM software enabling B2B business owners to reach their customers faster on a personal level without making them wait to answer their queries. The automated CRM solution by Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud increases the efficiency of the sales teams, makes them productive, and assists them in handling repetitive mundane tasks. The Salesforce B2B features a sales cloud tool called CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote) which allows salespersons to minimize their sales cycle and work out the pricing and discounts effectively using multiple online channels.
  7. Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud yields innovation and this is why the B2B business owners can manage out-of-the-box product requests efficiently. This is because a Salesforce platform comes with a configurable product panel and lets B2B businesses exhibit personalized store design based on the customer interests. Undoubtedly, a B2B business supported by Salesforce B2B e-commerce solution accomplishing personalized product requests of the customers can excel in digital sales channels and gain customer trust quickly.
  8. Last but not least, Salesforce B2B features satisfies customers and creates a customer base faster for B2B businesses. By providing benefits such as automated order renewals, customized product recommendations, multiple channel options, different buying options, multi-language and currency support, etc., Salesforce uplifts B2B businesses by enhancing customer satisfaction and working towards the brand reputation.

How Salesforce changed the world of B2B?

No doubt, Salesforce has transformed the world of B2B business in many ways over the past few decades. Over the last decade, there has been a rising trend among businesses to go online for reaching customers beyond geographical borders, increasing revenue and of course maximizing profits. The outbreak of COVID-19 has further increased strengthened the criteria of businesses to extend online in order to keep up with their competitors as well as increase their sales. Salesforce B2B Commerce is of course the talk of the town in this context since it is based in the cloud. It enabled companies to develop and design commerce capabilities rapidly and incrementally. With Salesforce, Teams can come up with solutions in the most budget-friendly way possible and within a few weeks gets deployed, examined, and adjusted immediately as per altering customer requirements.

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud is can be easily optimized and configured because it has been built on Salesforce Customer 360 platform. It capable of integrating seamlessly with CRM data to create a unified view of the customer. This lets the B2B companies stay connected across every touchpoint by associating commerce to marketing, sales, and service. This implies that the customer data can be accessed by anyone in the company at any time from any device or platform, without any other intervention.

Are you worried about not having enough sales reps? Well, Salesforce B2B features will let you program a chatbot that can answer the majority of questions your customers can raise. With Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, now it is extremely easy for B2B businesses to create and manage their stores. Salesforce lets you innovative your store, reach customer demands faster, and win trust of the customers in a data-driven world.

According to a Salesforce report, the percentage of B2B marketers using different digital channels are: –

  • 83% of B2B marketers use the company’s website as a marketing channel.
  • 73% of B2B marketers use email marketing.
  • 63% of B2B marketers use display and banner ads.
  • 62% of B2B marketers use social advertising.
  • 58% of B2B marketers use social publishing in marketing.
  • 52% of B2B marketers use video advertising.
  • 52% of B2B marketers use native advertising and sponsored content.

Why Companies Make the Switch to Salesforce

Nowadays most of the companies especially the ones dealing in B2B businesses are switching to Salesforce for all the right reasons. With Salesforce, you can kick-start your business journey to commerce growth in the easiest way possible.

Here are a few reasons to justify why companies are switching to Salesforce.

  1. Salesforce has gained a precious reputation

Salesforce has earned a superior reputation as a cloud computing and social business software-as-a-service market leader. This has made Salesforce one of the leading CRM platforms that companies trust for their business operations. As per one of the reports published by Salesforce itself, more than 88% of Fortune 100 companies at present use at least one product by Salesforce. Some of the world’s giant techies and well-known organizations highly depend on Salesforce CRM. Salesforce CRM can be used by companies irrespective of sizes and each Salesforce deployment may be largely designed to match the requirements of the company, including small and medium-market corporations.

  1. Worthy of B2B business requirements

Salesforce is highly trusted by business owners dealing in B2B businesses because, in this cloud platform, business customers can launch their websites hassle-free and get access to all the functionalities required by a B2B business to get successful. As we are already aware that B2B companies need to modify their offerings to manage large-volume orders. With extensive features such as multiple delivery options, stock availability checks, and notifications for newly available products, Salesforce is extremely beneficial for B2B businesses to streamline their business-customer experience and overall workflow.

  1. Offers high-quality personalized customer experience

Gradually since the past decade, e-commerce companies have been ruling the global market in terms of sales and profit maximization. Consumers and businesses now expect a well-connected and end-to-end encrypted buyer and seller relationship for security measures. They also demand online buying experience to fulfill their needs whatever the purchase size is. Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud supported by a powerful CRM, enables businesses control and make use of their true potential. Its instant responsive features, mobile-friendly approach, AI-enabled CRM, AI enabled search results, and product suggestions provide a superior personalized customer experience.

  1. Generates more sales

When customer services are highly customizable and the business goals involve the customers’ expectations, this will automatically engage more customers with a brand and more customers obviously mean more revenue. This is not enough you can then easily leverage the automated cross-selling and upsell recommendation tools that Salesforce has to offer. By doing this, you can exhibit products to customers that they are likely to purchase based on their information and interests. This will undoubtedly generate more sales for a company by using Salesforce.

5.       Salesforce has effective analytics capability

If you run a B2B business company and start selling your products with the help of Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, you can automatically access some of the best analytics tools used in the market. This will indeed help you to effectively analyze and plan your marketing campaigns, sales structure, inventory management, customer engagement, and many more. Besides, you too can make extensive use of these data points to create actionable insights to improve your online presence as well as visibility.

  1. Always keeps on upgrading

Salesforce was developed with a vision of being an innovate platform offering the first cloud-based high-quality CRM systems on the market. Ranging from strategic alliances to acquisitions to product innovation among complex areas such AI (as in Salesforce Einstein), Big Data, data analytics, and bot technology, the organization has never been out of sight. It still continues to introduce many developments and explore innovative measures to improve its digital products and services. It always keeps on improving with its new upgrades and provides enhanced services to its clients.

This is why Salesforce has received a lot of appreciation from its peers and similar business tastemakers for its sheer commitment towards innovation and providing superior services.

  1. Lowers selling cost

No doubt the cost of selling via an online portal or website is significantly much more cost-effective than involving sales representatives to convince customers to buy different products. If you use Salesforce Commerce Cloud for your business, especially in B2B businesses, your customers can freely order products without depending on any sellers. This can save a lot of time for your sales team to manage complex tasks and generate more revenue.

  1. Gets Implemented within a short time

The time taken for implementation of Salesforce is much shorter than any other regular CRM tool, minimizing the Go-Live period. Besides, the component rich arrangement can be developed efficiently and whether any customization needed or not, it tends to get integrated easily in a methodical request without any hassle.

All of these reasons justify that Salesforce is a bliss for the companies in terms of increasing their sales, reducing costs, reaching more customers, and lots more. This is why more and more companies are switching to Salesforce for keeping up with the new trends in the market.

Changing the Way, We Think About B2B

Salesforce B2B has indeed changed the essence of B2B business of traditional times. Salesforce B2B Commerce was developed with the sole purpose of empowering B2B businesses where the buying experience can be simplified, pricing can be negotiated, terms and conditions related to business accounts, and discounts can be sorted out to provide business customers with a high-quality buying experience. This is why Salesforce B2B Commerce is regarded as the most powerful and popular business tools on the market at present.

In a B2B e-commerce structure, goods and services are sold to other manufacturers or wholesalers. Let us take for example an auto industry where a manufacturer of parts categorizes individual car components such as an engine, fuel pump, or seat belts, and those parts are sold to auto manufacturers, rather than individuals, for assembly. B2B e-commerce commits to provide a seamless multichannel relationship among business buyers. This is how it provides sales reps and customer service reps a holistic view of every business so that they too can offer a personalized buying experience every time.

B2B commerce platforms have indeed witnessed a revolution while gradually moving from entirely exclusive physical presence to online as well as offline selling. Most businesses have been able to create their brand identity in the autonomous retail market. While some of their online counterparts have faced resistance, the others are experiencing rapid growth. This is why it has become inevitable for already existing B2B brick-and-mortar business owners and beginners to adapt to the new emerging trends and implement a sufficient e-commerce solution to allow their business to grow without any intervention. With the support of Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, B2B businesses can now easily achieve their digital goals and satisfy customers.

Final Thoughts

Without any doubt, the impressive growth rate taking place within B2B businesses is largely supplemented by Salesforce B2B features as well as Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud. In terms of getting integrated seamlessly within the B2B business model, Salesforce has proved to be one of the best solutions that can be easily put into effect to create a smooth digital platform for B2B businesses. At present, it has become almost mandatory to go digital in order to survive in the highly competitive world of innovation and new trends. This is why B2B businesses are embracing Salesforce platform to cope with their competitors and scale their businesses diligently.

So, did you start using Salesforce B2B for your strengthening customer-centric relations and boosting ROI in your B2B company? Well, if not, we strongly recommend you to get started with us at Webuters. Webuters is one of the well-known IT software companies offering superior Salesforce services and helping clients choose the right Salesforce approach for their business.

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