Trends That Will Change E-Commerce in 2023

Since 1995, when the first online order was received by Amazon, eCommerce industry has never looked back. The industry that started to ma

Since 1995, when the first online order was received by Amazon, the eCommerce industry has never looked back. The industry that started to make shopping easy for people completely changed the world of shopping and retail. It started with limited capabilities, but with the growing technology and changing need of people, it grown like a storm. Now Amazon is not the only player, there are Walmart, FlipKart, Ebay and Etsy that with may other eCommerce business have revolutionized the world for retail.  E-Commerce is even playing a great role amidst the COVID19, however there are limitations on the products they can offer. But post lockdown they will start with a bang again and 2023 will take it further.

So, if your thoughts are dicey on the future of eCommerce, I would say its growing with technology and will stay. And here’s to the eCommerce trends that will change eCommerce in 2023, you too must include these trends into your business to take it to the next level.

For the steady growth of business and an edge over competition, make use of these changing trends in the eCommerce industry.

The Power of Ecommerce Trends

E-commerce is growing everyday and the trends are changing, making it important for every eCommerce business to stay in tune with these trends for business success. If you are left behind, irrespective of the age of your eCommerce you will see declining business.

Do you want to know what trends will shape the future of eCommerce industry? Wondering what is the future of your online store? Here are the best 7 eCommerce trends that every business must follow.

• Growing Mobile Commerce

Growing Mobile Commerce

The growth in number of mobile users has increased the demand for mobile commerce, half of the online shoppers use mobile devices for shopping. If you fail to deliver them a smooth experience, your online store will end up in waste bin. So, keep your websites mobile-friendly and your business apps ready to deliver the best user experience. As the world is going digital, your online store should also go with the trend, facilitate mobile payment for an enhanced user experience. Mobile is the new cornerstone of eCommerce industry.

• Increasing Green Consumerism

Increasing Green Consumerism

Studies on digital consumer have shown that their decisions are influenced by environmental concerns. Today’s customers have more interest in brands that follow environmental friendly practices. To meet these green consumerism habits, voices the need for greener commerce environment. Make your customers feel their responsibility for the environment, give them an experience that makes them feel contributing to the planet. Your eCommerce should cater to the eco-friendly needs of today’s customers.

• Voice Commerce is the Next Big Thing

Voice Commerce is the Next Big Thing

With the growing technology, the complexities are also growing. After the entry of voice assistants, consumers are more comfortable using voice over type. A study by eMarketer, reported that the v-commerce accounted for more than $2 billion in e-commerce sales in the year 2019, which we predict to be rising in the year 2023. Implementing voice search and voice assistants in your eCommerce will enhance the customer experience, as voice technology is continually advancing.

• Chatbots for Customer Service

Chatbots for Customer Service

Chatbots is the future, it is also an eCommerce that will be seen in the year 2023. The global chatbot market has seen a massive increase and demand. E-Commerce that are using chatbots for customer support have better customer engagement compared to those still following the traditional method. With chatbots the customer support is actually 24X7 and even consumers prefer chatbots over human for support and inquiries.

• Role of AI and ML becoming Strong

Role of AI and ML becoming Strong

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are increasingly used in eCommerce, as they are the easiest way to understand consumer behavior and offer services as per the user choices. AI and Machine Learning are unquestionably the trends that will be widely used in 2023. They have made personalized and automated possible, and shopping easier for consumers, so these two technologies are here to stay. Machine Learning plays a very important role in understanding consumer choices and recommending products that they will like or buy, which thereby increases the sale through your online commerce.

It has been observed that customers are more likely to buy from a online store that offers them a personalized experience. Don’st miss on catering the needed personalized experience to your customers with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Remember that technology is evolving in nature and your business if left behind in reaping the benefits, your competitors will enjoy the edge. So, incorporate AI and ML in your eCommerce services to give an unbeatable experience to your customers.

• Augmented Reality is Changing the Way We Shop

Augmented Reality is Changing the Way We Shop

Virtual reality or augmented reality create better personalized experience for customers, allowing them to visualize the product in real life. This will definitely influence their buying choices and decisions. Don’t wait for others to try it first, turn your online shopping store into a real shopping experience for your customers with the use of augmented reality.

• E-commerce Optimization is a Game Changer

E-commerce Optimization

It is vital for your eCommerce business to operate in a niche to stand out in the market. Use Google Analytics to to track your conversion rates and make changes where needed. E=Commerce optimization does not mean making too much changes in the design, redesign process are costly and time consuming, and improvement in conversion rates is not enough. That’s why eCommerce optimization comes into the play – it allows build a market place for yourself, gain trust, offer enhanced customer experience and have greater conversions.

To understand it better let’s take Amazon in consideration which is running in the same design for years, but still growing over the years. And the reason is optimization.

Wrapping Up

Online growth is unstoppable if you have cater to the needs of your customers and stay updated on the trends. With the continually growing technology and everyday changing consumer behavior, you must take advantage of these eCommerce trends in 2023. If you include all the trends, you will nail the sales, else you can use a few of these trends but with an aim to give a better experience to your customers, which thereby will increase the conversion rates. Take advantage of these 8 eCommerce trends to take your business to the next level.

What eCommerce trends are you following and what are you missing? Share with us in the comments below! Need help of an eCommerce Consultant, drop a message to us or call, Webuters will help.

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