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Web Development


We are a full service digital agency for end-to-end web development services that makes us your “one stop source” for digital success. We combine best practice digital knowledge with our experience of web development gained from building brand and business websites for varied clientele. We ensure that the website graphics and content complement each other so well, that the target audience propels to know more.

We have been driven by creating reliable websites backed by results. We develop websites that are world standards compliant and are built using cutting edge technology and search engine friendly code.

We have a strong team of website designers, developers, front end developers, and skilled professionals who create appealing and easy-to-use websites with colour compatibility, aimed to help your businesses grow online. Our team include experts specialized in designing Flash/HTML5 website, e-commerce solutions, custom websites built using content management systems (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress) and Frameworks (PHP, Cake, Zend, Yii). We are experts in using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP). We work to turn website into a powerful business tool for you with a positive user experience.





Webuters Technologies provides end-to-end Software Testing services to help enterprises deliver high quality software. Testing services are based on industry proven methodologies and processes for applications and products. We use standard open source/commercial testing tools and processes to do independent testing.
Whether you are launching a new website or have an established site, We provide end-to-end testing services including test planning, test case scripting, manual and automated testing, performance & load testing and reporting, and analytics. We have numerous services available, including:


An experienced programmer will be assigned to test the security of your site from SQL injections to validation of the code. Any areas that need improving will be documented and can be corrected if the contract warrants it.


An experienced programmer will be assigned to test the security of your site from SQL injections to validation of the code. Any areas that need improving will be documented and can be corrected if the contract warrants it.


Does your website work like it should? Does it meet your original requirements? Are all the functions working correctly? Our software team clicks, checks, clicks, checks, and then checks some more. Your project is given an in-depth review to ensure everything is working as it should.


Can your new website handle millions of visitors? Unless you test it before hand, it can be very embarrassing to launch your site and then see it get knocked offline as it can’t handle the amount of traffic being driven to it. Our expert system admins can put your website in to a controlled environment that will simulate varying traffic levels and monitor how your site will perform. Suggestions and advice will be documented and corrective action can be taken.

Open Source

Webuters Technologies is specialized in customizing open source software.

php    Joomla

Currently the leading open source CMS. Joomla is used by hundreds of thousands of websites around the internet. With great support, a true defined roadmap, hundreds of plugins, an active community, easy to use features, it’s not hard to realize why Joomla has become number one.

Webuters Technologies can help you customize your Joomla installation with new plugins, templates and modifications.

ruby   WordPress

The absolute standard when it comes to running a blog. From the personal to the corporate, everyone who uses WordPress instantly becomes a convert. With true easy to use features, focus on usability and intuitiveness, WordPress is leading the way in open source development.

From new themes to brand new plugins, Webuters Technologies can provide a complete WordPress solution for you.

ruby   osCommerce

The undisputed leader of open source e-commerce software, osCommerce has grown to become the e-commerce tool of choice for tens of thousands of internet merchants around the world. The powerful backend features mean that this software is perfect for nearly everyone who wants to run a web store. You can now ask Webuters Technologies to help you setup, modify and create custom designs for your osCommerce web store.

ruby   Drupal

Very popular with computer people, Drupal is renown for having lightweight code that is extremely flexible and modular – making it a programmers dream to work with. Drupal has many social networking features built in to the core code and is used by large companies such as MTV. Webuters Technologies can provide you with a full Drupal solution, from installation and setup through to customization to your exact requirements.

Other CMS

Other open source software we work with includes
* Mambo
* Zen Cart
* XCart
* phpBB


A Web Application or Web Store homepage that has been optimized for SEO helps your site to get found.
Is your Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento or Zen Cart website buried on page 10 of Google? If so, some changes are in order. One of the most important initial changes you can make is to optimize the content of your site’s homepage.
Here’s what search engines want
High quality content that uses optimized keywords and key phrases
The ultimate goal of search engines is to help searchers find what they want quickly, without having to wade through site after site that’s off-topic or full of garbage text. Search engine algorithms are written to find and discard low-quality content (copied, stuffed with keywords but meaningless to readers, essentially identical to the content on another website, etc.)

Search engines want to deliver relevant content to searchers, but it has to also be the most high-quality, meaningful content possible. This means:

  • well-written: clear, concise and on-topic (no keyword stuffing or hidden text)
  • correct spelling and grammar (search engines hate these errors as much as people do)
  • on-topic page copy containing well-placed and relevant keywords and key phrases
  • correct use of <h1> and <h2> tags and bolding
  • correctly designed text links

We can use common-sense SEO guidelines to make your application stand out, be noticed and get results. When your homepage is optimized for both human visitors and search engines, you get improved search engine rankings. Better ranking means the search engines favor your site more than before, and therefore send more targeted traffic to your website. This can increase business and improve your bottom line.

Homepage SEO metatag recommendations – We will recommend a common-sense SEO meta page page title and meta description for your homepage. In addition, I will recommend the top few meta key words or key phrases that you can list as meta data for your homepage (note that major search engines now ignore keywords so it’s a “just-in-case” measure).