What is Einstein Activity Capture in Salesforce?

Einstein Activity Capture is a productivity-boosting tool used for business growth that captures data from emails and calendars and keeps

What is Einstein Activity Capture in Salesforce?

Einstein Activity Capture is a productivity-boosting tool used for business growth that captures data from emails and calendars and keeps it up to date with Salesforce. In other words, Einstein assists you in keeping your email and calendar apps in sync with Salesforce. The emails and events that you send or receive will be automatically added to the activity timeline of related Account, Contact, Contract, Lead, Opportunity, and Quote records with the help of Einstein Activity Capture. Salesforce has introduced it as an alternative to Salesforce for Outlook.

Einstein Activity Capture mainly depends on the data available through emails, events, and contacts. The data so collected are stored in the system, and you can use it on your necessity. It connects Salesforce to Gmail or Office 365 accounts and adds the captured events to the activity timeline.

Einstein Activity Capture (EAC)

Einstein activity capture is a tool in the field of sales and marketing. It captures data from emails, events, and contacts. The process is classified based on how it works.

  1. EAC captures events and emails from your Microsoft or Google accounts. They are than added to the activity timeline of related records in Salesforce. This eliminates the need to manually log activities in Salesforce.
  2. EAC Synchronizes the events and contacts between Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and Salesforce accounts. The data is directly synced and stored in the system.

Note: If you does not have a Sales Cloud Einstein, High-Velocity Sales or Inbox licence but has a Standard Einstein Activity Capture permission Set, you can use Einstein Activity Capture. The EAC differs depending on which version you use.

Data Types in EAC

  • Emails

Emails are automatically added to the activity timeline. All the incoming and outgoing emails are recorded, and the data collected is sent to Amazon Web Services. It is then categorized into leads, contracts, accounts, personal accounts, and opportunities. Email data is used to create email insights and also to generate engagement data.
Email data produces more robust engagement statistics when EAC is used with Inbox or High-Velocity Sales.

  • Events

Users’ activity from Outlook, Google, and Microsoft accounts is immediately added to the events timeline of associated Salesforce records by Einstein Activity Capture. This behaviour is then recorded in Salesforce’s My Events section. When these events are synced to Salesforce and converted into a linked record, they become Salesforce records. These records in Salesforce can be utilised for normal reporting and other Salesforce Platform features.

  • Contacts

Salesforce allows you to sync contacts from your Microsoft or Google accounts. Contacts become Salesforce records when they are synced. Additionally, your associated account’s contact data may be used to produce email insights and suggested connections. Contacts are also synced in the same manner as events and emails.

How does EAC Work?

You can configure Einstein Activity Capture to handle emails, events, and contacts differently. If you disable email events, for example, Salesforce will not send an email when you create or update an Opportunity record. You can also specify which users receive email notifications based on the configuration to which they are assigned.

Salesforce stores data from your Microsoft or Google accounts in its Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure when you connect your accounts. Email data is not treated as a Salesforce record, but you can get a complete picture of your activity data by using the Activity Metrics fields and Activities dashboard. As the data collected from emails is not sent directly to Salesforce thus it cannot be used to create standards reports in Salesforce.

Once events or contacts are synced, the data is synchronised between Salesforce and the connected Microsoft ot Google account, as stated in the above sections. In Settings, you can change the sync direction. Unlike emails, when events and contacts sync to Salesforce, they convert into Salesforce records and can be used in standard reports section.

Benefits of EAC

Einstein Activity Capture is an automatic sync tool that saves time, increases the speed of the work, and saves energy for the user.  It works well if the data is not kept beyond six months.

  • Einstein Analytics

Einstein Analytics helps visualize activities of the data that is synced to Salesforce.  Analyzing can be made in the field of marketing, salesforce sales, or services. It offers insights into contacts, emails, events, and other accounts.

  • Email Insights and Accounts 

EAC can provide useful information from emails that are synchronized with Salesforce. The latest EAC update in the winter 2019 edition helps the user to check the number of interactions with a contact. It also shows whether the interactions made are beneficial or not.

  • Sales Summary

The activity dashboard gives the summary of sales of all the collected data with graphs to make it easier to understand.

  • The Metrices

The Metrices like last activity date, last call date, and inactive days can be analyzed with the help of EAC.

  • Free Version

A free version is available with some limited features to work.


  1. Email data is sent to the AWS server, not directly to Salesforce.
  2. Standard EAC has limited features and the ability to customize
  3. On Einstein Activity Capture Standard, virtual records are kept for a maximum of 24 months or as little as 6 months.
  4. Using the Dashboard for Activities Analytics. Only the activity data of the last 180 days could be shown, which is 90 days in when you are using Standard Einstein Activity Capture. Editing the standard dashboard would also necessitate the purchase of an Einstein licence.
  5. In Salesforce, captured activities are not logged or reportable.


Einstein Activity Capture Standard can be used freely. To get the full feature, a licence is required to be purchased.

EAC with Outlook

EAC automatically adds outlook emails and events to salesforce records by saving your time and increasing the speed. A few requirements are needed for EAC to work effectively in Outlook. It requires Exchange Server 2019,2016, 2013 on-premises, or Exchange Online with Office 365.

Steps to set up EAC in Outlook

  1. Click the icon and select setup. The setup opens. Turn on Chatter if it is disabled. If you are unaware of the setup process, you can click the “Get Started” option on the Sales Cloud Einstein setup page.
  2. Enter Outlook in the Quick Find box and select Outlook Integration and Sync.
  3. Turn on Outlook integration.
  4. Turn on Use Enable Enhanced Email with Outlook and Email to Salesforce.
  5. Enter your required details regarding the salesforce.

Advantages of EAC in Outlook

  • All your data will be synced with salesforce without any manual work.
  • The main advantage of EAC in Outlook is the simple installation process which does not need much knowledge.
  • Protects your data by storing it in a secure place.

Why Do Salesforce Administrators Like Einstein Activity Capture (EAC)?

Einstein Activity Capture, like Lightning Sync, connects to Office 365 or Google accounts and is very user-friendly. It also has key advantages over Lightning:

  • emails and calendar events are automatically captured and synced
  • ease of installation and setup
  • data-driven activity reporting
  • privacy control

Wrap Up

At Webuters, we offer Einstein Activity Capture implementation in Salesforce making it easier to access and work on your data using connected accounts. If you’re wondering if EAC is a good alternative to Salesforce for Outlook, or if there are better options? Talk to one of our Salesforce Consultants today!

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