What is Salesforce Customer 360?

Salesforce Customer 360 is an integrated platform that unifies different organizational business units and gives them access to a single

Salesforce Customer 360 is an integrated platform that unifies different organizational business units and gives them access to a single shared view of customer data. This makes it possible for companies to give clients a complete shopping experience. Additionally, it enables them to offer outstanding customer care services for increased customer retention. 

In today’s business environment, every decision must be based on the needs of customers. Thanks to Salesforce Customer 360, this is now possible.  

It needs to be mentioned that big data and technological improvements have made sales harder. It is no secret that consumer expectations rise at a rate equal to that of technical development, and it is no longer enough to offer an experience that is restricted to a single point of contact; instead, everything needs to be strategically connected.  

Having all of their marketing, sales, commerce, and service data in one place allows representatives to understand how their efforts translate into leads, prospects, pipelines, and sales. Before attending a meeting or creating a sales opportunity, salespeople can use Salesforce Customer 360 to view support cases. 

In other words, Salesforce Customer 360 enables them to develop a more profound and extensive awareness of their clients, enabling them to offer genuinely exceptional service. 

What is Salesforce Customer 360 ?  

Salesforce Customer 360 is a complete platform that integrates all of your business’s departments, including those dealing with sales, marketing, and customer care, into a single CRM platform. It enables you to provide your customers with individualized, real-time experiences. 

If you manage a B2C company (one that sells various goods to end consumers and distributors) or a B2B company (one that collaborates with other businesses), you are already aware of how crucial it is for the various departments to communicate with one another in order to forge stronger relationships with clients or potential clients. 

If you have ever faced difficulty organizing your business and responding to your clients promptly, you would understand how giving the proper response at the right time can solve problems, boost sales, or make your company more attractive to the public. In such cases, work teams commonly come into contact with each other when doing direct customer service. They frequently need to interact with the public discourse in the various channels through which it is provided, whether, in marketing, sales, or customer service, and these interactions need to be coordinated.    

What does Salesforce Customer 360 offer? 

The components of Salesforce Customer 360 include Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Analytics, and more. Depending on your business needs, you can choose from a variety of Salesforce Customer 360 editions at a fair price. 

You can manage your entire process chain, from marketing to sales and service, with the help of this programme. The better and simpler it is to manage corporate operations, the more applications you have. 

  • Sales Cloud 

Using the Sales Cloud, you can control the interactions between your sales force and clients. It enables you to quickly close deals and monitor your client’s progress. Businesses can manage leads and turn them into sales with the help of the Sales Cloud. Additionally, it aids in automating the sales process. 

  • Service Cloud 

Using Service Cloud will enable you to deliver a support service that is both more tailored and efficient. By using automation technology, you can respond to customers more quickly and provide effective solutions more quickly. 

  • Marketing Cloud 

Finally, with Marketing Cloud, you will have access to all the resources required to create a comprehensive and successful marketing strategy. The experience you provide each customer can also be customized. Users can obtain client behavior data for analysis, which aids in the development of more effective marketing plans.   

Features of Salesforce Customer 360 

The following features are included in Salesforce Customer 360:   

  • Management of consent and data integration 

All of a company’s client data can be combined to produce detailed, rich customer profiles. This encompasses both known and unknowable information, such as first-party IDs and cookies. Companies can quickly obtain client consent in areas like email marketing and digital advertising thanks to Salesforce’s consent management architecture.   

  • Segmenting audiences more effectively 

Companies can identify certain groups of people to engage with user segmentation capabilities based on demographics, engagement history, or other customer data. For instance, using data obtained from a combination of web surfing activity across numerous channels, such as websites, emails, and prior transactions, a business may create an audience of female consumers interested in running shoes.   

  • Engaging customers in a personalized way 

Marketing, sales, and customer service can be performed using customer data once a corporation has identified its target market. In this way, companies are able to offer a consistent, unified experience to clients and prospects across all marketing channels.   

  • Using Einstein’s insights for optimization  

Companies can study and comprehend how and when to interact with customers using artificial intelligence (AI) to increase customer loyalty and operational efficiency. Based on their actions, such as clicking an ad, perusing a catalog, or making a purchase, customers’ profiles are regularly updated. Then, using this data, AI may assist businesses in determining the best combination of product or channel recommendations, increasing engagement and customer happiness.   

Salesforce Customer 360 offers the following benefits:

You can improve your business by utilizing every function that is included in the platform. Access to centralized, 24-hour customer service is provided. 

Salesforce Customer 360 helps you in the following areas as it transforms your company: 

  • Every client’s experience can be tailored using artificial intelligence. 
  • Increase productivity by using data, automation, and enablement. 
  • Any size business in any industry can grow and change. 
  • A tried-and-true platform is used to maintain data security. 
  • facilitation of collaboration across all business units due to the sharing of consumer data 
  • The Salesforce ecosystem works to raise customer satisfaction by bringing customers and your company together. It is possible for you to make changes to your company and take part in the transformation.   

Advantages of Salesforce Customer 360 

Although integrating new technology within a company may be risky, there are many reasons to believe in the Salesforce solution. 

  • Improve client satisfaction 

A consistent experience is anticipated by 80% of clients. Having separate teams for marketing, sales, and customer service will make it difficult to accomplish this goal. 

The process can be synchronized, and the client’s expectations can be satisfied, thanks to technology that connects all departments. It facilitates successful departmental collaboration within an organization.   

  • Offer distinctive experiences 

Making the customer feel like we remember and recognize him is essential to building long-lasting relationships and trust with them. Using Customer 360, teams may collect, store, and share data on each client. Create marketing campaigns that are tailored to your tastes. Without a doubt, this will perform better than the competition. 

  • Helps your business grow and succeed 

Customer 360 is a tool that develops and changes along with the business. It might serve and satisfy the needs of a huge global enterprise as well as a small business. It is a flexible, scalable solution.   

What can Salesforce Customer 360 do to provide a unified experience to its customers?   

  • Managing apps and data with a single-click user interface 

Companies traditionally had to rely on peer-to-peer connections to acquire a global perspective of each customer’s data. Admins can utilize Customer 360 to establish reliable connections between Salesforce apps and the community, as well as to find and combine data from various cloud services for a unified picture of customer data. These features will make it simple and secure for your company to link client data to a single location.   

  • The same ID and profile are used by all applications. 

Regardless of how a customer identifies themselves, all Salesforce apps will be able to recognize them across all channels using a single identity or ID (name, email, social networks, phone number, etc.) With Salesforce Customer 360, information management capabilities prepare, match, reconcile, and update the customer profile across the cloud. With Salesforce Customer 360, data exchange tools give you instant access to pertinent customer data.   

  • Bundles for services, marketing, and commerce are already established 

Every “out-of-the-box” Customer 360 solution has everything your business needs to create linked interactions right now. Customer 360 connectivity will already be present in-Service Cloud components. Utilizing content and information from Customer 360, Marketing Cloud will rebuild its email and trip templates. Additionally, all 360-connected systems for Customers will receive data and events from Commerce Cloud. 

Salesforce’s implementation of a single view of the customer is novel, albeit the concept is not. Customer 360 manages data properly so that it can exist in the systems that manage it and be requested as necessary, as opposed to producing massive amounts of redundant data. Now that data maintenance is no longer necessary, businesses can concentrate on developing truly unified experiences across all channels.   

Bottom Line   

Your organization may need Salesforce CRM and its Customer 360 platform in order to compete in the cutthroat market of today. We advise investing in Salesforce 360 for your company if you still don’t have a similar solution. By giving your sales staff the right tools, you can help them save time, streamline their work, develop, and perform to the best of their abilities.  

Salesforce’s Customer 360 is a great tool for expanding your business and achieving previously unheard-of levels of sales and efficiency. owing to its comprehensive functionality, which consists of a variety of functions like email tracking, lead management, sales collaboration, and management of business opportunities. Get the solutions you’ve always wanted by adopting Salesforce Customer 360 in your business today! 

At Webuters you will get all the assistance you need to successfully partner with Salesforce Customer 360. Talk to our experts today to find out more. 

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