What is Salesforce Genie?

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) has taken the tech world by storm with its revolutionary new Salesforce Genie platform. Launched in September [&he

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) has taken the tech world by storm with its revolutionary new Salesforce Genie platform. Launched in September 2022, this innovative tool promises to completely change how businesses operate and interact with their customers – all made possible through a mischievous rabbit mascot! The logo itself features an adorable bunny donning a robe and carrying something that vaguely resembles Aladdin’s genie lamp – but instead of granting wishes it provides users access to comprehensive data management tools which enable them to take full control over customer relationship operations. Get ready for some magical speed when you use Salesforce Genie today!

Unveiling the Magic of Salesforce Genie: Powering Customer 360 Experiences. 

Salesforce Genie is revolutionizing customer experience, by unifying data at scale and creating real-time connections with customers through innovative technologies. Leading companies such as Ford, L’Oreal, Formula 1®, and PGA TOUR Superstore are harnessing its power to take their connection with customers to a whole new level – delivering magical experiences that provide unparalleled value for both businesses and consumers alike.

What is Salesforce Genie?

Salesforce Genie is a hyperscale real-time data platform that makes the entire Salesforce customer 360 platforms more powerful. With the help of Genie, every company can transform their data into customer magic, and provide seamless and highly personalized experiences to their customers across sales, service, marketing, and commerce that constantly adapts to changing customer information and requirements in real-time.

Genie collects billions of data points about customers in real-time from any system or interaction and coordinates those into one, dynamic single source of truth that changes according to customer actions.

Today around 71% of customers expect a personalized experience while interacting with a business. But data remains isolated or duplicative across most companies. Companies on average consist of 976 separate applications to operate their business which is potentially 976 versions of a single customer that results in disconnected digital experiences. This is why it has become extremely challenging to respond to customer needs in real-time as the amount of data created, gathered, replicated, and consumed each year is expected to become more than double by 2026. This is why it is very crucial for companies to connect digital and real-world customer interactions seamlessly so that they can provide the most significant, personalized, and appealing experiences all the time.

Due to high competition, it is not possible for a sales rep to depend on in-person communication to close big deals nowadays. They require real-time insights into every customer based on real-time and historical data to make the decision at every moment once they receive the information. A service agent may lose a potential customer if they lack an absolute, real-time insight across every touchpoint. This is when Salesforce Genie comes to the rescue by performing the following functions: –

  • Salesforce Genie automates, intelligently, and in real time every aspect of the customer 360.
  • Because it is built on the Salesforce metadata model, Salesforce Genie transforms and unifies data to create a real-time customer graph, a unified customer profile record, and a single source of truth. Everything in the customer graph is visible and actionable across the Customer 360 platform, including the industry solution, AppExchange, and customer apps.
  • With the help of genie, Einstein AI and Flow automation services can harness the power of real-time data to ensure more dynamic and responsive actions and engagements.
  • The Genie is powered by Salesforce’s public cloud infrastructure, hyperforce. Hyperforce performs specific functions such as data residency, security, privacy, and regulatory compliance controls, as well as data ethics features that control data and improve the consumer experience.

Strategic partnerships further expand the power of Genie with data, AI, and more innovations: –

  1. Secure real-time and open data sharing between Salesforce and Snowflake allows Salesforce Genie to directly access data stored in Snowflake, and vice-versa. This ensures a real-time customer 360 views across the two platforms without transferring or duplicating data.
  2. ‘Bring your own AI’ with Amazon SageMaker ensures organizations and their data scientists to use SageMaker, Amazon’s cloud machine learning platform, directly along with Einstein, Salesforce’s AI technology, to develop new AI models specifically aimed at the unique needs of their business, and use them in real time across the Customer 360.
  3. First-party advertising with partners such as Amazon Ads or Meta allows for new secured integrations for advertising activation and aggregated insights, powered by unified first-party data from Salesforce CDP, for assuring more personalized and effective marketing operations at large.
  4. New AppExchange Genie Collection highlights 18 Genie partners with apps and experts that help companies automate appropriate advertising, augment customer profiles, and expand the power of real-time data with the help of Salesforce.

What can a Salesforce Genie do for Your Business?

As previously stated, Salesforce Genie is a key component of the Salesforce platform that powers Customer 360, the world’s first real-time CRM. Salesforce Genie delivers massive amounts of dynamic data to Customer 360 in real time. It collaborates with Einstein artificial intelligence and Flow automation to create the first real-time CRM, bringing intelligence and automation to sales, service, marketing, and commerce. This improves the overall platform experience.

Now, let us concentrate on the roles performed by a Salesforce Genie which are beneficial for your business needs.

  1. Connect All Your Data Seamlessly

Genie, a new Salesforce data platform in Salesforce Cloud CRM, augments the existing transactional database with the ability to accept large volumes of data in real-time. Genie, like other Salesforce platform features, was designed using Salesforce metadata, indicating that the data stored in Genie is visible and usable by Customer 360.

This means If you are running a bank with a transactional data system, for instance, you can connect to any streaming data, legacy data, and any other data from an external source in real time. So, if you open your mobile application, for example, it can be directly connected to Salesforce Genie.

Also, Salesforce Genie controls the power of real-time data and takes relevant actions across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and more according to the current customer behavior.

  1. Harmonize the Data

Salesforce CRM has more than 20 years of experience dealing with business applications. This is why they created the Customer Graph, a collection of data models. This combines all of these data streams into a unified customer profile. Once this process is completed, it makes no difference where each piece of data came from or how it was labelled at first, because all of this becomes a part of the profile.

  1. Engage Your Data to Make it Work

One of the most important aspects of the process is how this Salesforce data platform resolves identities, allowing a customer’s entire history of interactions with your brand, both known and unknown, to be consolidated into a single profile.

Salesforce Genie secures all of these data using a lake house architecture, which makes categorizing and classifying the variety of unstructured data on which businesses rely easier.

  1. Enhance Better Customer Experience

Customers, as we all know, are the lifeblood of any business. This is why keeping track of customer data is critical. Salesforce Genie, with privacy and compliance support, can resolve all data so you don’t have to view each customer through a narrow lens. When a customer opens an app on their smartphone or smart TV, you will be able to view them as individuals rather than transactions or numbers.

This also emphasizes that when you call customer service, they understand exactly what you were doing with your product. They do not need to ask you any questions, but they can respond to your question proactively.

  1. Design Dynamic Automation

Salesforce Genie can create dynamic automation by automating common business operations and coming up with the most appropriate process based on real-time data with Salesforce Flow.

  1. Provide Intelligent Experience

Salesforce Genie provides intelligent experiences by leveraging your unified customer data profiles to modify experiences automatically with Salesforce Einstein.

How can this Genie Help Customers?

Traditionally, customer data platforms (CDP) functioned more like marketing tools, combining siloed data into a unified view. Salesforce Genie, on the other hand, takes this a step further by filtering an infinite amount of dynamic data into Customer 360 in real time. Salesforce CDP is constantly updating with new data from any of their touchpoints at a much faster rate than in the past. This constantly updated data, massive scale, and unified profile also guarantee:

  • Artificial intelligence that upgrades output every millisecond,
  • Automated workflows can adapt promptly based on new data,
  • An unprecedented accurate level in analytics.

Here are a few instances that describe how Salesforce Genie Improves Customer Experience like never before.

  • Suppose you lose your credit card and report it at 3 p.m. and someone already tried to make a purchase using your card at 3:05. But it gets blocked immediately because the merchant was notified about the theft because they use Commerce Cloud Genie and this keeps them alert. This is how your personal data remains safe with Salesforce Genie.
  • You decide to call customer service about a problem you are facing with a product. Your issue is bound to be resolved because the company is using Service Cloud Genie and this triggers an automatic action pausing all marketing and sales interactions with you until your problem is solved. This also makes you free from all kinds of annoying interactions with brands that push customers away. For example, getting an email offer to buy the very product you are having a problem with.
  • A customized offer on a website you were browsing changes instantly because you just clicked on something in a marketing email. The reason is that the company uses Marketing Cloud Genie and thinks that the offer to which you were reverted with the click is now more relevant to you than the one you would otherwise be looking at. This is how your taste is valued and you are inspired to move ahead and make a purchase.
  • In case of a health emergency, milliseconds matter most. With the help of Salesforce Genie, the healthcare provider can deliver proactive guidance and recommend caring measures with access to real-time patient data.

This new Salesforce data platform allows you to meet your customer expectations quickly by leveraging a unified customer profile and real-time data. Even milliseconds make a big difference in a highly competitive market. This is why Salesforce CDP is used by businesses to cope with the fast-growing customer demands and delivers customer magic. This salesforce data platform helps to save money, and time, and also expands revenue as well.

Salesforce Genie: A Source of Innovations 

Salesforce genie undoubtedly brings a wide range of innovations to every cloud and industry. It is to be expected that such a CDP platform will continue to grow and create magic with its exclusive services. This innovative creation deserves all of the credit for bringing every interaction, ad clicked, sale, and service case together in real time while prioritizing safety and security to create the most innovative and complete customer profile.

Salesforce Genie makes it simple for any business to understand all of its data from any system, channel, or data stream. It combines data from each stage of the customer journey into a single customer profile record. While other customer data platforms focus solely on marketing and/or commerce, Salesforce is the first product on the market to provide real-time and connected data, which is a game changer in market business operations. Otherwise, it would be impossible to provide customers with the magical experiences they seek when your engagements are limited to a fraction of what your company knows about them. This is why, most of the time, a service representative is unaware of the problem. For example, you may get marketing emails for baby clothes you bought for a relative’s baby or someone else’s baby.

This is why, now a Salesforce Genie does the work of tracking interaction history, connecting data, harmonizing the data, engaging the data, and ultimately improving customer experience efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Salesforce.com intends to use Salesforce Genie to lead the industry in security and data ethics by providing best-in-class consent management, policy automation, and many other features. Salesforce genie was created in collaboration with Salesforce.com’s Office of Ethical and Humane Use of Technology. It was created with the core privacy policies and data ethics best practices in mind. Furthermore, the Salesforce platform integrates data policy management into Salesforce Genie to make it easier for customers to keep their data secure and meet global regulatory compliance requirements. With all of the high-quality security features that Salesforce Genie provides, you can always uphold your business strategies and make customer experiences feel magical.

So, are you thinking of implementing Salesforce Genie for your business? Want to access the resources to start your journey with the brand-new Salesforce CDP? Connect with us at Webuters today!

Webuters’ Salesforce experts are always ready to assist your company in standing out in the market.

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