What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud and its Benefits?

What should you focus on first if you ever wanted to start a business? Yes, financial resources are important. But […]

What should you focus on first if you ever wanted to start a business? Yes, financial resources are important. But running a business involves more than just selling goods or services. It’s crucial to build strong relationships with your customers. CRM underlies all of marketing. CRM is the fundamental idea on which all businesses are built. Customer relationship management is known as CRM. Now, you’ll also need the greatest tools for that if you want the best CRM for your company. In order to do that, the Salesforce marketing cloud provides tools designed to help your business grow.  

The Customer Journey Management, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, Email Studio, Web Personalization, Advertising, Content Management and Creation, and Data Analysis integrated solutions are just a few of the benefits consumers can leverage with Marketing Cloud. These integrations enable marketers to accomplish their objectives and to see the client journey clearly. 

These cutting-edge techniques help you gain a deeper understanding of your clients, which in turn increases your revenues. In this article, we will be talking specifically about the Salesforce marketing cloud and its advantages.    

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?   

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud or SFMC platform enables marketers to send the appropriate message at the right time throughout all phases of the relationship by delivering relevant, personalized journeys across channels and devices. For customer journey management, email, mobile, social, site personalization, advertising, content production, administration, and data analysis, the Marketing Cloud offers integrated solutions. Every conceivable customer touch and engagement is covered, and there has never been a simpler or more successful way to take clients on 1-to-1 journeys with your business. 

Looking back briefly at its origins, Salesforce acquired the core of SFMC in 2013 when they purchased ExactTarget rather than developing it themselves. This is significant since, occasionally, the term “ExactTarget” is still used to refer to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

As a marketing platform, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can support a wide variety of marketing activities, from the execution of multi-channel campaigns to dynamic customer journeys, pre-, and post-campaign analytics, to audience identification, segmentation, and advertising on social media.   

What can you do with Salesforce Marketing Cloud? 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers many features and capabilities for the marketing industry. Some of the core features are, 

  • Email Studio 

Uses information from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other sources to customize email messages. Send triggered, transactional, and promotional messages. Utilize sophisticated segmentation, automation, and forecasting tools. Powerful reporting tools can be used to comprehend performance.   

  • Mobile Studio  

SMS, MMS, push messaging, and group messaging based on events, location, proximity, and more allow you to connect with customers at the perfect time.   

  • Social Studio 

To better understand customers, brands, and competitors, listen to, publish, participate in, and analyze conversations on social media. Utilize the Customer Success Platform to integrate social into every aspect of your company.   

  • Advertisement Studio 

Utilize your client data to manage advertising campaigns and boost digital advertising. Reactivate dormant consumers, improve advertising along the customer journey, and improve new client acquisition.   

  • Web Studio 

Make stunning landing pages and websites with customized content. To analyze behavior and learn more about your customers, keep track of every action they do.   

Some of the important functionalities are illustrated through a customer journey that is available in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. To give your consumers a tailored, one on one customer experience, you may utilize SFMC’s Journey Builder to construct automated multi-channel journeys employing many of the features listed above.   

Why Should You Choose Salesforce? 

Salesforce was established with a single goal in mind: to support the success of our clients. This idea served as the foundation for the Salesforce company strategy, highlighting a perpetual innovation culture that permeates every aspect of the firm. Customer success is the center of their whole ecosystem, which is populated with teams of customer success managers, programme architects, a sizable partner, an independent software vendor network, and an energetic and engaged success community. 

Additionally, the platform collaborates with users to continue providing value even as your organization expands and develops. We’re committed to assisting you in making the most of your Salesforce investments, from our customer success managers and consulting programmes to our certifications programme and Trailhead. 

And now without further ado, let us hop onto the key benefits you would enjoy with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.    

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

The Marketing Cloud distributes data and application functionality over the Internet instead of storing it on a user’s desktop, laptop, mobile device, or physical drive.  

As a result, IT staff can concentrate on building applications that make the business run more quickly rather than worrying about purchasing and setting up servers to store firm data. Additionally, they are free from the burden of worrying about installing apps for each user’s device across an entire company. Users with web access, on the other hand, can quickly access, share, and work together on pertinent data and business processes by logging on to an app. 

Below listed are some of the major benefits that Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers,   

  • A customized experience for customers   

Every interaction is individualized and targeted with Marketing Cloud. Customers can navigate their own particular trips with the help of this functionality. According to Salesforce, a customer’s journey is “a lifetime experience with your brand.” To move forward, a marketer should improve the marketing cloud’s data and functionality.   

It enables you to build up precise triggers from prospects that cause a range of activities to be followed by customized messages meant to direct them toward making a purchase. Therefore, the days of randomly sending out bulk emails are over. Instead, you can keep an eye out for crucial actions that support a particular answer.   

  • Understanding your customer base   

The Marketing Cloud connects marketing processes with data for better marketing results. The marketer always gets a clear understanding and visualization of the customer journey. By keeping the marketer in the loop, it allows the marketer to easily accomplish the targeted goal. Salesforce designed Marketing Cloud with the intention of enabling marketers to direct and streamline unique user journeys. Salesforce understands the value of gathering audience data and delivering it in a relevant, intelligent way. 

It enables you to generate more relevant, focused content that speaks directly to their objectives, business goals, and pain issues by enabling you to enter the brains of your consumers and prospects. 

An important distinction is that Marketing Cloud sheds light on what your target audience is likely to do in the future in addition to what they have historically done and behaved in.   

  • SFMC Marketing Campaigns   

The Marketing Cloud’s function in enhancing the marketing funnel is crucial. Users can communicate with marketers through any channel using Marketing Cloud, at their discretion. Additionally, it enables the marketer to develop more clever exchanges and engagements with the intended audience.   

These are a few of the system’s advantages. Contact the professionals at Webuters if you want to know more about Salesforce Marketing Cloud or if you want to adopt it for your company or organization.   

  • Engaging Audience   

Salesforce Marketing Cloud assists marketers in designing a unique customer experience for each and every client. In order for them to utilize the power of Salesforce and gain a complete 360-degree perspective of their activity. A customer-driven platform may be created by connecting the organization’s or an individual’s customer touchpoints with the aid of a marketing cloud.   

Users of Marketing Cloud are able to give their customers personalized experiences by using the platform’s power to gain a complete 360-degree view of each and every one of them. 

To transform your business into a customer-driven one, you can use Marketing Cloud to connect the connections between crucial customer touchpoints.   

  • Data Management    

The organization doesn’t need to purchase extra servers to hold its data because Marketing Cloud is hosted on the Cloud. The marketing procedures become a lot more efficient, effective, and well-organized as a result. Whenever necessary, a marketer has access to the data. 

As part of Marketing Cloud, data extensions (tables) are used to associate data into a relational database, which is supported by SQL. This gives SFMC an advantage over certain rival systems that provide a limited data model constrained by the data they can import and handle. It also helps that SFMC can store different types of data and let you construct your own unique data model. 

This is significant because it enable more intricate audience segmentation and building within SFMC.   

  • Integration Capabilities    

SFMC has excellent integration capabilities and can supply data through a variety of methods. This might be a huge benefit for marketers along with a variety of APIs. It gives marketers the ability to update the existing contact information in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It can also initiate custom deliveries and improve content import at the same time. 

With its robust integration capabilities, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can offer data from a variety of sources (another factor as to why the data management features are so valuable). SFMC has a number of APIs, including a REST API and a SOAP API, in addition to the anticipated connectivity to Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Service Cloud (through Marketing Cloud Connect). 

Enhancing your current contact information in SFMC, importing content, and starting triggered sends are a few typical use cases for these APIs.   

  • Third-party applications    

There is a wide variety of third-party apps available with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. These tools undoubtedly help businesses achieve their goals and better plan their strategies. To improve the efficiency of the company’s operations, SFMC offers a significant selection of third-party apps from Salesforce partners. 

With third-party applications, such as those from the Salesforce AppExchange, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be configured to meet your unique company needs. Consider the SFMC AppExchange to be similar to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (and other Salesforce Clouds).   

SFMC can be enhanced in terms of functionality and value by a wide range of additional third-party solutions from Salesforce partners outside of the AppExchange.   

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Application of Artificial Intelligence    

Salesforce’s AI technology also referred to as “Einstein,” has several amazing applications that are a component of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It can raise brand engagement with customers to a new level. Additionally, it gives advertisers the ability to customize the customer experience. 

Within SFMC, Salesforce’s artificial intelligence technology offers some intriguing uses, such as:   

  • To forecast who will interact with messaging, use engagement scoring 
  • Sent time optimization determines when it is most likely for a message to be opened.  
  • Engagement frequency determines how many messages should be sent to each recipient.   
  • Cross-channel marketing   

This Marketing Cloud feature aids in refueling your pipeline of potential customers. Connecting “discrete encounters, from any channel, on the customer’s terms” is possible with Marketing Cloud.   

Better yet, it accomplishes this in real-time to support you in developing more sophisticated messages and engagements with your target audiences. 

With the help of Marketing Cloud, you can produce and distribute content on the platforms that matter most to your clients, increasing your relevance and dominating their minds.   

  • Security   

The Salesforce platform offers confidence and defense against data misuse. You may defend your company from any harm caused by your competitors by studying the data. Additionally, it aids in the encryption of data between your business and the client.   

Additionally, Salesforce is all about providing a safe platform to utilize and guard your clients against any ill-gotten gains. Additionally, they will grow acclimated to your company and remain with you over the long run the better security you can offer them. Because of this, security plays the most important role in managing customers and businesses, and you can only get it at its best on Salesforce.     

Final Verdict  

To sum it all up, SFMC can be equally relevant for all industries and segments. It can be equally enchanting for small as well as big companies. This platform is marketed as a platform for enterprises, but it is available in different editions that are suitable for organizations of all sizes. SFMC can also be customized using various add-ons. 

It’s interesting that it can also work effectively for the various needs of the business. B2B and B2C businesses can both benefit from an upgraded version of SFMC. It is preferred by B2Bs for growing their customer base. B2C businesses benefit from its assistance in making decisions. 

Among the additional benefits of this platform, SFMC is cost-effective. The company believes in assisting marketers in growing their businesses. Above all, the platform may continue to be useful regardless of the level of growth your company experiences. Because of this, the cost is never an issue when adopting salesforce marketing cloud solutions. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants at Webuters can help you boost traffic with Marketing Cloud integration at every step of the sales implementation process. The technical experts understand each client individually to deliver customized services relevant to their existing business requirements.   



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