What is Vitejs?

Have you ever thought about what speed looks like? We can only visualize speed in different things and objects. For […]

Have you ever thought about what speed looks like? We can only visualize speed in different things and objects. For example, a running horse, a marathon athlete, a storm, a bullet shot from a gun, an aimed arrow, etc. When it comes to knowing the worth of speed for a large-scale process, it is measured in bulks. Speed is well appreciated when we talk about large scale daily processes. For example, the working of a business, decision-making by the government, hearing by the court, and the working of the world as a whole. Today, the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about speed or fast working of the world is Technology. It is worth catching our eye as it has changed the working of the world upside down. Sitting on the shoulders of technology, the world accelerated its working in an organized and convenient manner.

Technology is built using codes. These codes include numbers, symbols, and alphabets designed in a manner that they fulfill our purpose. Furthermore, these codes are designed to fulfil our purpose with attractiveness intact. For example, a website. A website may be helping us open an online store. But if it has a beautiful structure or an attractive structure, if would give a different value to my online store. Therefore, keeping the structure organized and beautiful is very important while developing technology.

Now, you must be wondering how can technology be developed beautiful or attractive. Well, there is a whole different area of development process where the focus is on making the structure of technology beautiful. This area is called front-end development. There are various tools that are used to make front-end development successful. These tools are React, Dev tools, Sass, Vue, and vanilla JavaScript, etc. Let’s us understand how we can make it easy to use these tools for fast development of technology.

Introducing, Vitejs – a tool to make front-end development experience happening.

What is Vitejs?

Vite is a tool that is makes front-end development faster and easier. Basically, Vite is a build application that can be termed as a tool for front-end development. We can use it to set up a development environment for frameworks with a dev server and hot reloading in just three commands. The frameworks include vanilla JavaScript application, Vue, and React. In French Language, Vite means fast. The application is built to provide speed to the front-end developers so that they can have a smooth and quick developing experience. It takes a little or no configuration to start using Vite once it is installed. Within that configuration, in can be used for TypeScript too.

Also, for Sass, it requires only one more command. One single application, Vite, once installed, gives us a tool and a dev server. We are all set to start the development process after the installation of Vite is done. It provides latest tools and languages, occurring regularly on the screen for you to choose conveniently. The sole purpose that Vite fulfills is fast front-end development in an organized manner using the latest tools and languages.

How it works?

Vitej is all about latest tools and languages. Like it will use the most recent tool like Svelte, which basically compiles away the framework and modern JavaScript language features for the development to be beautiful and eye catching. The recent tools and languages make front-end development smooth and fast. It helps the dev server function faster making a contribution to the overall fast development of the technology. Even though it uses the latest tools and languages, it takes very little or no configuration at all for the development to process. Therefore, it is the most significant tool for building front-end development fast and smooth.

The modern dev environment provided by Vite helps use eliminate bundling from the front-end development process as it serves native ES modules (JavaScript feature) to the browser. The frameworks can be built using the templates provided by Vite. It also supports TypeScript, JSX and Sass.

The reason behind the speed of Vite is that it provides native ES modules to the browser which eliminates re-bundling the whole thing when something changes. No matter the size of the application, HMR is made fast consistently as the ES module helps increase the speed of the working.

Vite is a hot module replacement. It means we can see our code updating in the browser as we go on writing it in the server. Therefore, Vite is not only fast but also a replacement of hot module. Along with this, we can use further mini version of our project to serve in production. Vite is good to be used even in a large project as it delivers its purpose for both kind of projects. The fast speed and smooth front-end development make Vite an idol of front-end development tool making it a hub of it by providing latest tools and languages.

Why Vite?

There are n number of build tools that can be used to develop frameworks for front-end development. For example, Grant, Gulp, Rollup, Webpack, etc. Be it a big and complex project or a small project, it takes a day or two to set up all the tools and plugins for the development to start. Even after that, it would require additional time to improve build time, fix bugs and optimize bundle. But, Vite on the other hand, is the answer to all the questions looking for a solution for fast and smooth front-end development experience.

Vite is a wonderful tool for front-end developers as it provides everything in one place required to set up and start front-end development process. The internal configuration guarantees us an override to configure rollup and various rollup plugins. The more are the tools; the more are the chances of us feeling fragile. Therefore, the chances of failure increase when we are not prepared to cover the failure. If one component breaks changes, the entire pipeline is changes and it becomes difficult to rebuild everything. With Vite, we can reply on the tools as they take up the responsibility for us to cover up the failure.

The world has caught such a high speed of development that it is becoming difficult to cope up with the world. People are feeling lacked behind against the sped of development. But the best part about technology is that it has the capability of covering up its own limitations. We all know that everything has two sides, one good and the other bad. We also know that everything has an alternative today. Therefore, we can choose in accordance with our will and requirement as to which technology suits our requirements the best and make the best out of it. Technology also has a good and a bad side. Every development done in the name of technology has a good side and a bad side. We adapt the technology looking at its good side and we make further development to cope up the bad side of it. This is why technology grew so fast and spread in the world at a fast pace.

The continuous growth of technology taught us many things and made our minds more flexible. Technology also gave employment opportunities at a high rate and changed our lives both ways. It gave us a platform to use our creativity and make our talent useful for the world. It has grown and is constantly growing at the same fast pace. The creative side of the world bloomed up with the tremendous creations showed up with a little hint given to the world initially when technology was introduced. The constant showing up of various talents gave technology a wider scope. This width of technology became so big that it has spread in the entire world now. We cannot make do without technology today.

Our lives have become dependent on technology at the same rate at which technology spread in the world. The constant increase in the scope of technology gave it bigger wings with which it spread even faster.

Vite is another example of one of the talents that showed up in the base field of development. It was introduced to increase the development rate and make the entire process smooth for it to be faster. The idea popped up when the already existing build tools were not giving enough reasons to put an end to the number of such build tools. Those build tools required an update or new features. Therefore, someone came up with the idea and made their contribution in further proving the worth of technology and the never-ending life of it. Technology, along with the convenience, makes the world easier and more fulfilling and creative.

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