Why Meditation Is Key to Business Success

Meditation is soon becoming a billion dollar industry. One may ask why is it that business leaders and entrepreneurs embracing meditation

Meditation is soon becoming a billion-dollar industry. One may ask why is it that business leaders and entrepreneurs embrace meditation and not team-building activities, and other tools of work motivation for the employees. The answer lies in the benefits of meditation to companies or businesses.

Meditation is an art that involves spending alone time while in thought. The purpose of meditation is to relax the mind and body. Meditation is an exercise for the mind. There are many forms of meditation. It is important to identify one that suits you. A good meditation type is one that connects your body mind, soul, and all that is around you. You can meditate while running, walking, taking a quiet alone moment, or listening to your favorite music. Researchers say the key to perfection is in our minds.

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Why Meditate?

Meditation Helps to;
• Boost energy levels
• Helps one to focus
• It reduces stress
• Helps the brain to function better
• Increases resilience
• Sharpens emotional intelligence

Many business leaders have embraced the power of meditation in their businesses. Here are the reasons why;

Meditation Increases Resilience

Research studies have shown meditation can reduce anxiety in the workplace. By reducing anxiety, resilience levels increases. Staff members can work in a less stressful environment. When leaders and employees learn how to meditate, they can keep calm, and composed and offer quick solutions when there is any form of panic at work.

Meditation Boost Emotional Intelligence

By practicing meditation one is able to regulate his or her emotions. According to Harvard business review anger has a negative impact on cardiovascular health. Thus it is very important not to lose emotions. Meditation helps one to be focused and work calmly despite any situation that will arise.

Meditation Enhances Reativity at Work Place

When we are meditative and our mind is relaxed creativity comes into our mind with greatest insights and great break through. Meditation gives us the “eureka” moments that encourages divergent thinking. As new and ventures ideas set in so are the number of possible solutions to problems identified.

Meditation Improves Relationships at Work Place

Stress levels at work can have negative impact like poor performance, lack of team work and reduce empathy. All these can jeopardize a business output and performance. Meditation can help improve your mood and set in a sense of connection at work. Meditation changes one’s demeanour to being kinder and more compassionate individual.

Meditation Keeps You Focused

According to a research by Killingworth and Gilbert 2010, our minds tend to wonder about 50% of the time. At work place there are a number of destructions like emails, phone calls and attending to clients issue and this makes it hard for employees to stay focused on a daily basis. Business leaders can help their employees stay focus by introducing meditation trainings. Meditation help strengthen the ability to stay focused and boost our memory.

Bottom Line

By setting aside a few minutes each day to meditate will facilitate focus, creativity, resilience, patience, team work and a managed emotion among employees. Meditation will help you stay calm and think clear in all your days’ work and personal life. Meditation unlocks your true potential. Try it today!

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