Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Presence?

The usage of smartphones is on a rise, as of now over 1.5 billion smartphones have been sold across the globe. The increased use of smart

The usage of smartphones is on a rise, as of now over 1.5 billion smartphones have been sold across the globe. The increased use of smartphones has changed the way businesses interact with their customers. Customers now use mobile devices to get information and to connect. Thus, it becomes critical for businesses to polish or improve their online presence and make it more appealing and user-friendly.

Nowadays businesses care about their online and mobile presence and most of them already have a mobile site or mobile app, but there are still some that are left behind. Are you among them? Read on to know why mobile presence is important to stay competitive.

Know Where Your Present Website Needs Improvement:

If you don’t have a responsive website the functionality of your site is affected by the change in screen size and resolution. Your site may loads at a very slow speed on mobile or does not work at all on mobiles. This also makes it difficult for customers to know you, or contact you, while on a mobile device.

If customers find difficulty in reaching you, they move to your competitors who have a better presence. No business wants to see their customers going, so it is better to have a responsive website or a separate mobile site for your business. If you are an eCommerce business, it is of more value to you.

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Benefits of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website:

1. Increases Customer Engagement Time

With a mobile-friendly website, the customers get to know your business better and can reach you easily. Mobile website help increases customer engagement, as well as the time customers spend on your site.

2. Gives You an Advantage over Competitors

If the presence of your competitors is not yet mobile-friendly, you can get an advantage over them. As the world has turned mobile, so giving better user experience will bring in more customers. Now the customers are smarter in making decisions, they prefer businesses with mobile presence over those that are still working through traditional sites. If your business don’t give easy access to customers, they are more likely not to stay with you for long.

3. Improves SEO Performance

Having a mobile website will help you rank higher on mobile-friendly search engines, like Google and Yahoo. The other benefit of having a mobile website for your business is that you get a place in several local and mobile site directories.

4. Enhances Sales

It has been observed that the number of customers using mobile devices for getting information or for shopping, has increased remarkably. If yours is an eCommerce business, having a mobile site makes it easier for your customers to know the products you offer and who you are. This results in increasing your business sales significantly.

5. Improves Connectivity

A mobile site or mobile-friendly website allows your customers to connect with you from anywhere anytime. Having an easy and constant connection with your target audience makes it easy for your business to share the latest news and promotions with the customers, irrespective of where they are.

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Bottom Line

Having a mobile presence is not just a concept to consider, but it is a necessity for your business to communicate more efficiently and effectively with your customers. The business race is customer focused, and I don’t see any harm in taking a small step that can bring more customers to you. Technology is changing, and to keep ahead of the competition you need to adopt these technological changes.

Does your business have a mobile presence? Are you concerned about losing your customers? There is nothing to worry about. Let us know about your business and we will do the needful. Keeping your business ahead of the competition is essential for us.

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