XMPie Technology- An Integrated Multichannel Solution

XmPie is among the leading technologies that engages its audiences with relevant and personalized communications across touchpoints of Pr

XmPie is among the leading technologies that engages its audiences with relevant and personalized communications across touchpoints of Print and Digital media. It provides software for variable data for one-to-one marketing & cross-media. Its solutions helps businesses create and manage cross-media and direct marketing campaigns that are highly effective.

Through a common technology foundation XMPie solutions unites three main application areas, that are Web-to-Print Portals, Media Personalization, and Marketing Automation. The architecture of XMPie uniquely employs a modular approach where business rules and data are shared across multiple channels. With XMPie, you will always get synchronized data across all the channels, whether a campaign consists of print and digital media combination or a print alone media. This enables a truly holistic brand experience.

What You Can Do With XMPie?


In order to improve brand experience technology of XMPie integrates print with digital media. The following can be done with XMPie:

Power your document with variable data – Add images, graphics and relevant messages in your document to grab the attention of your audience. It automates the personalized print campaigns production that motivates the recipient to respond. With open architecture of XMPie you can start anywhere, add capabilities and protect your investment throughout.

Extend your reach across multiple channels – With XMPie’s multi channel customer communication Management solution (CCM) and personalization technology you can integrate design, logic and data for serving multiple media channels. The integration is so easy with each channel that you do not have to compromise on creativity for an effective Cross Media customer experience. Open XM technology supports latest web technologies so that your digital content can coexists holistically with state-of-the-art variable print designs.

Sell Prints online 24X7 – You can extend your market, gain new customers and grow revenue by putting your print business online. Impress your customers with a new set of capabilities by increasing your relevance with static and variable print-on-demand offerings.

Plan, Visualize and automate multichannel campaign – With our solutions you manage your campaigns across all marketing channels. You can find out which messages are working best with which people by tracking results across different contexts and media and can fine-tune your campaigns to maximize your ROI.

Design for every channel – Connect directly to your audience by personalizing and using their preferred channels. With XMPie’s Automatic Dynamic Object Replacement (ADOR®) technology and Personal Effect, you can seamlessly integrate everything. This ensures that your customer dialogs are kept in sync across all touchpoints at all times.

Extend your values and capabilities – With our Add-ons and Professional Service Offerings, you can take your VDP and Cross Media Solution to the next level, delivering for customers a broader set of capabilities. As an added functionality you can add email, personalized mapping or pre-built plug-ins to your XMPie’s system. We can also develop a bespoke solution that will power your success.

Why XMPie?

It is a complete CCM Solution
a. With a commitment to product innovation, performance and service it leads the way in Customer Communication Management.
b. It connects seamlessly to database in order to generate personalized multichannel campaigns that are synchronized perfectly across all the channels and touchpoints.
c. With its key functionalities like campaign management, automation, analytics and more, the solutions can deliver campaigns that brings exceptional results.
d. It assures its customers that their investments will not be wasted as XMPie will continue to serve the market as it sifts.

Provides End to End Adobe Workflow
a. XMPie do not comprises on creative design or workflow-flexibility.
b. Personalize all channels and still be assured that brand requirements are satisfied.
c. The technology is native to Adobe inDesign CC keeping the personalized design pixel perfect.
• Open Architecture
a. XMPie’s products can be customized to any environment or need.
b. API’s and open architecture provides flexibility to integrate with other internal systems or 3rd party applications.

Scalable Product Line
a. With the growth of your business you can easily add more functionality to your solution.
b. You can switch between servers and cross-media capabilities without losing your work

The Bottom Line

By now you must have know what XMPie technology is, where you can use it and why to make use of it. The technology is evolving everyday and we decided to explore XMPie today. Hope you had a great reading experience with us. Stay tuned for more.

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