Are you Leveraging the Benefits of Integrating NetSuite and Salesforce?

Businesses across the world are taking advantage of the drastic digital transformation. It is happening so rapidly that it has […]

Businesses across the world are taking advantage of the drastic digital transformation. It is happening so rapidly that it has become crucial to keep up with its pace. Also, the automated solutions are reducing the total time for work. As a result, it is improving the productivity rate drastically.

Therefore, digitalization is helping to provide better solutions and improve the revenue of the companies. Integrating NetSuite account and Salesforce CRM is a prominent example of an automation process.

Hence, you will know how about Netsuite, its integration with Salesforce, and many more. These are the following topics that we will cover in this blog. So, read below to know about it in detail.

  • What is NetSuite?
  • What is Salesforce Cloud?
  • Benefits of Both the Platforms
  • Integrating Salesforce and Netsuite
  • How can Non-profits benefit from Netsuite-Salesforce Integration?
  • How we helped a non-profit leverage the power of Netsuite-Salesforce Integration?

What is NetSuite?

To start with, NetSuite is basically an ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system. This system has various functions such as accounting software, managing inventory, and many more. Apart from that, the users can easily track financial data.

According to a study, business organizations that use NetSuite can enjoy a great advantage from increased visibility. It also found that up to 30% to 4% of the time for processing can be reduced with its automated process.

Therefore, automating the accounting process helps in removing all daily mundane tasks. For example, manual reporting, manual data entry, etc. Along with that, the team receives significant insights to improve their business. Also, NetSuite delivers metrics regarding performance reviews to everyone.

What is Salesforce Cloud?

The sales cloud of Salesforce is a SaaS Platform and managing customer relationships for business. It helps in boosting various aspects of business to improve interaction with customers. Hence, it involves various things such as sales, marketing, customer services, and many more.

Additionally, Salesforce also empowers businesses to deliver the best quality services efficiently. Not only that, but it also helps in improving marketing skills. Apart from that, business organizations can communicate with their customers and track their behaviours.

Overall, the Salesforce sales cloud helps businesses to track the activities of customers. As a result, they can improve accordingly and take the business to a new level. Therefore, it is a great tool to efficiently connect with prospects and customers.

Significant Benefits of NetSuite

Hence, these are the essential benefits of using NetSuite that you must know for your business.

Improve Visibility

Firstly, one of the significant benefits of NetSuite is better visibility to make crucial decisions. Furthermore, with NetSuite, it becomes easier to access information from anywhere. Thus, it saves time to use the resources for extracting valuable data.

So, if you also want real-time and better visibility, then NetSuite is a great option to go for. Also, it helps to make the process fast and accurate.

Save Your Costs and Time

Secondly, your diligent team doesn’t have to waste its precious time in maintaining several systems. Hence, they don’t have to wait to complete the installation and procure them separately. As a result, it reduces operational costs reduces significantly.

So, if you also want to reduce the costs and time and improve productivity, then NetSuite is the best option. Read further to know other essential benefits as well.

Get Centralized Information Regarding the Company

Thirdly, NetSuite has a system that can cover all the necessary work of your business. Its integrated system easily translates the information. Also, it maintains the information flow across all departments.

As you know, manual inputs can lead to errors. But automated systems reduce the chance of any inaccuracies. Hence, it improves the productivity of a company, be it small or big.

Extension and Customization

Fourthly, NetSuite is considered one of the best customizable solutions for SaaS. You can easily customize every feature with its NetSuite Flex. Hence, you don’t need separate coding to customize them because you just need a few clicks.

Apart from that, modules with industrial specifications can help modify your business process. Thus, if you have any particular requirements, NetSuite can solve that too.


Additionally, NetSuite perfectly meets the demand along with your company growth. Its services are available in multiple languages, subsidiaries, and many other functions. Also, you can add more users with the subscription. Hence, now you don’t need to change everything from the start.

Hence, you can now be assured that NetSuite will not pose any kind of limitation to your company’s growth. So, get ready to touch new heights in the upcoming years.

Loaded with Adaptable Features

Lastly, NetSuite can impressively fit according to the demand of various companies sized from different industries. Therefore, it has rich functions for several tasks such as professional services, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, etc.

Furthermore, they are all available in one ERP product which is fantastic. So, if you want something like this, it is an amazing way to optimize your business process.

Significant Benefits of Salesforce

These are some crucial benefits of using Salesforce Sales Cloud for any company.

Maintaining Dashboards

Firstly, the use of a spreadsheet requires doing everything manually. But, it is not the same with Salesforce sales. For this, you can take the help of Dashboard. Hence, you can set up the Dashboard for every employee of your company.

This Dashboard displays several notifications such as click-through rate, calls, and many more. To sum up, the Dashboard allows the users to look at the data without generating a report.

Fast and Efficient Services

Secondly, you can also use Salesforce sales data for providing targeted and personalized reach. Thus, it reduces the efforts of your sales team by improving customer service. So, it can be a tremendous advantage for the customer services and sales team.

The information available on the Dashboard will save time and improve customer satisfaction. Now, your customers will feel that they are equally valuable for your dedicated and knowledgeable customer service.

Increased Efficiency with Automation

Thirdly, you need to understand that automation is a crucial advantage of Salesforce sales. Why? It reduces the time for working on leads and email. Not only that, it converts leads by prioritizing all potential leads.

Furthermore, automation helps you to handle customer questions with the use of chatbots, etc. So now, the agents for customer services will be able to serve their customers better.

Accurate Reporting

However, Data is undoubtedly a crucial part of any business. You too, can get with through several resources like the business software. These resources also include tools for analytics, social media, CRM technology, etc.

At the present time, companies are highly relying on social media platforms to determine their performance. Therefore, the sales cloud helps in getting more details and metrics that can be extremely helpful.

Personalized Experience

Additionally, constant analysis of data and activities by the audience is highly useful. They can be used for personalized and better outreach messages for automated and manual designs. Overall, it has a massive benefit if you want automated and manual campaigns.

The Salesforce Cloud lets you set up automated emails to communicate with your audience time-to-time. So naturally, you should also take advantage of this unique feature.

Best Collaboration Experience

The Salesforce cloud can record important information like contacts, regular interactions, conversations, and many more. Also, cloud services remain updated, and teammates can take a look at these records while making decisions.

Subsequently, CRM platforms have collaboration tools that enable several people to work on a file. Also, different departments such as the sales department, customer service, and marketing can work together without any hindrance.

Integrating Salesforce with NetSuite

From the above discussion, you can understand that both of them have several unique features. Integrating them can take your business productivity to a new level. Therefore, have a look at the following benefits to understand the significant benefits of integrating NetSuite and Salesforce.

Better Productivity and Alignment

If you too want success for your business. Then the alignment is a crucial element. For that, the sales and business teams have to establish strong alignment for their forecasts and processes.

For instance, if a sales team wants to know the invoice status for making informed status, then you don’t need to worry. The relevant data is readily available in Salesforce. Hence, the team can save their time by quickly accessing the data. Also, they don’t need separate access to the NetSuite or get permissions from the finance team.

Alternatively, the company’s finance team can reduce the number of the sales team to ask them for sales orders and invoice updates. Hence, the integration of NetSuite and Salesforce can streamline every process. Overall, it is beneficial for both teams.

Subsequently, the connectivity of Salesforce and NetSuite allows the data to flow in each direction and tool. Let’s take an example that changes generated from Salesforce will show in the accounting software. Therefore, it reduces the burden of doing manual work for any information update.

Complete Visibility on Dashboards and Finances

As said above, Salesforce has a strong capability for reporting and allowing the users for developing reports. They can do this on the Dashboard to provide real-time and valuable insight. Not only can that, by integrating NetSuite with Salesforce, the teams can also create various dashboards and reports.

However, there are still several companies that still use excel spreadsheets. In this process, exporting the data from several sources takes time. Along with that, human errors make the task more difficult.

If you don’t want that, then integration of NetSuite to Salesforce can change the whole experience. This system can improve the productivity rate and gain valuable reports regarding your finances and customer experience.

Accurate Data

Getting reliable data is highly crucial. Only then you can make effective strategies to improve the business growth. Therefore, data plays a pivotal role, especially when it comes to accounts and finance. Also, business organizations should trust the data that they get using Salesforce and NetSuite.

Otherwise, if they don’t match, it will be challenging to understand which tool is perfect. By integrating these two, businesses can make sure that they are using reliable data and going towards the right path.

Furthermore, you can duplicate the objects and tools available in NetSuite in Salesforce. In other words, you can sync all the records with the use of creation wizard. Hence, you can update everything and maintain efficiency as per your need.

Streamlined Procedures

Additionally, the following advantage of Salesforce with NetSuite is they help in streamlining the business operations. Both these apps comprise all the necessary aspects that can help a company accomplish its goals.

Also, the companies can manage their inventory by automating several manual tasks. For example, using two packages of software, companies will know the right amount of their products. Ultimately, their decision-making process will improve.

How Non-Profits can benefit from Netsuite-Salesforce Integration?

When it comes to streamline the entire non-profit journey, automate donation recognition, creating invoices for pledges, and adding/updating donors with a single, is something which every non-profit organization should address. It not just gives the 360° view of donor data but also enables fundraising across front- and back-office teams.

Non-Profits can benefit in several ways by integrating NetSuite with NPSP cloud, which include Maximizing Fundraising, Compliance and Accounting process efficiency by connecting the leading NetSuite ERP and Salesforce CRM together, so that the information ranging from Account, Contact, Agreements, Opportunity, Payments, Donations, Invoices can easily go back and forth between the internal departments of nonprofit organizations.

NetSuite to Salesforce integration benefits businesses by improving the ROI with the below mentioned business advantages:

  • Improved data quality
  • Intelligent automated processes like fundraising-to-cash, order management and supply chain management.
  • Having a single source of the truth.
  • Cross-functional employee collaboration and user adoption.

Here are some more ways in which Non-Profits can benefit from this integration.

  • Now, they don’t have to wait for long hours to access data and procure essential files. This integration can help in boosting the decision-making improving productivity.
  • Every business generates a large amount of data. Thus, everything should be updated immediately for better decision making and accessibility.
  • Discounts are an effective tool to attract new customers. So, if the accounts team gets any update regarding the purchase, then it shows in the CRM.
  • You can ensure correct and timely quotes of your sales through NetSuite and Salesforce integration.
  • The integration of Salesforce and NetSuite also allows synchronization of associates, customers, costing, and products.

How Webuters Helped a Non-profit with Netsuite-Salesforce Integration?

We worked with one of our valuable customers that needed to integrate Salesforce NPSP package with NetSuite, its separate cloud-based accounting tool. The company had been using the two systems separately for months but realized that it would need to start using both in order to meet its business objectives. We helped this company by working with them on how to customize their Salesforce NPSP CRM software in particular and integrating it seamlessly with NetSuite like they wanted.

One approach to understanding a business is to first understand how the business model works and the complexity involved. This is what our CRM & ERP experts communicated with businesses about in order to understand their current business pains. Although they are working under non-profit space, so majority of their finances come from donations, grants, and other mode of assets and to manage those they are using Salesforce as a relationship management tool.

Business is running their fundraising operations using both online and offline campaigning and raising funds from individual or corporates, they manage the data in Salesforce to further do all the customer engagement operations though different department like: Institutional relations, business compliance, and more. They manage this process using Salesforce NPSP package.

NetSuite is a business management software package used by many companies. It has powerful accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools. Our client was using the tool to manage all their accounting information for customers, vendors, donors etc.

The customer was facing the biggest challenge with their manual data movement process within these two CRM and ERP systems they are using. The customer, vendor information along with their opportunity, cash sale & refund details, was moved manually and further finance team was manually doing the invoicing and more, based on the information received from the CRM system. The process of data generation and movement was manual, and this was creating a whole lot of mess because of challenges involved like: data duplicity, data inaccuracy, unnecessary users licensing on both CRM and ERP system. Along with this the data movement often delays the internal operations to perform.

So, to overcome these limitations, we integrated Netsuite and Salesforce NPSP, in order to help businesses have accurate data, faster and effective operations, smarter data management with a single source of truth.

Workflows were built for real-time data synchronization between the systems based on a business logic. The graphic below represents each of the distinct data integrations that Webuters developed for the client:

salesforce-Netsuite Integration


With this integration the customer experiences the smoother functioning of both the systems, after the integration of Salesforce NPSP with NetSuite. With this integration architecture, the relevant teams will be able to access their data on the cloud in more efficient ways, also the access can be restricted to their accounting staff only. The company has also reduced licensing, training, and other costs, while still providing a 360-degree view of the customer and likewise happened for salesforce CRM team.

Bottom Line

In this blog post, the benefits of integrating different systems were discussed. Due to their integration and how they complement one another, such as by providing synonyms for users in Salesforce that are also available in NetSuite and vice versa, this integration can help reduce costs while still getting the same value.

In conclusion, the integration of different systems should be the top factor to build a holistic system. The NetSuite and Salesforce are two largely popular systems that when integrated can benefit your business immensely. They both have similar yet different functions and features. The integration of CRM and ERP can have a huge impact on the efficiency of a business. It is a two-in-one approach that can greatly improve the way you run your company. If you are looking to integrate these two systems, talk to our experts today for more information.

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