Enter The New Era of Business Growth With Blue Prism RPA

Many businesses across the globe have obtained digital transformations through Robotic Process Automation. And Blue Prism is an acting br

Many businesses across the globe have obtained digital transformations through Robotic Process Automation. And Blue Prism is an acting bridge for RPA, rendering proper alignment to complex RPA solutions to simplify things while helping you gain security, agility, flexibility, and speed to leverage maximum business potential.

Right from on premise deployment to SaaS-based solution to the cloud-based service provider or through experts and RPA developer teams, Blue Prism Development is fast becoming a handy tool to get enhanced operational insights and help RPA based teams bring out brilliant solutions

The best part of technology-based RPA is that it accomplishes tasks with software bots instead of physical robots. Systems based on RPA create task lists that are similar to actions performed by the user robots. It is one of the many reasons why Robotic Process Automation is such a hot topic among RPA companies In India and is estimated to grow to $10.7 Billion by 2027, as reported by Gartner’s study in 2019. 

RPA Innovatively Shaping Businesses

RPA software bots not only perform accurately and consistently but also showcase skills similar to humans. As a result, these software bots are popularly known as “digital workers.” Furthermore, these digital workers can interact with different applications or systems.

They can quickly adapt to any workflow environment, which means no switching of business applications or software systems is required for performing the automated task. Therefore, it is necessary to get proficient automation consulting services that meet the user’s expectations precisely.

People often think RPA is a physical robot performing iterative rule-based tasks. Instead, it is software programmed with human-like intelligence used for carrying out the different jobs. What you need for your business is experts streamlining the process using cutting-edge RPA integration services.

RPA technology restructures your business process entirely. As a result, many organizations have adopted RPA to improve efficiency and productivity. Let RPA consulting help you execute complex jobs smoothly and replace manual execution with automated implementation.

RPA completely automates both front and back-office tasks. As a result, it provides better agility to your business so that you can lead all the way. Be it HR operations or IT-related processes, invoicing to customer services – RPA can be used in any field related to the business process. 

Areas Where RPA Is Being Deployed

Since the early days of 2020, companies across the globe have been aggressively pursuing RPA technology to improve their productivity and get a competitive edge drastically. Besides, RPA implementation is not limited to just one or two sectors, but many other organizations, as elaborated below.

The combination of Salesforce and Blue Prism has been pivotal in developing RPA technology. It has further increased accuracy, empowered the digital workforce to offer connected, competent, and faster customer service, thus decreased Average Handle Time (AHT) and improved overall responses. Areas that use RPA include:-

  • Healthcare – The medical sector involves voluminous data and records being processed daily. RPA eases out database management of this data.
  • Finance – This sector is loaded with complex jobs such as compliance, dispensing payments, or carrying out transactions. RPA looks after operations, risk analysis and management, customer services, and speedy ROI (return on investment).
  • Insurance- gone are the days of manual data entry as RPA automates all such complex tasks.
  • Be it processing of claims, handling grievances and feedback, everything becomes faster and easier with incorporating RPA tools.
  • From verifying documents to calculate the premium amounts, RPA assists in all of these sectors.
  • Manufacturing – RPA facilitates laborious jobs related to core manufacturing through its intelligent automation. From account management to managing carriage, RPA covers every aspect of the manufacturing industry.
  • Biosciences include monitoring and maintaining pharmaceutical supplies, programing, complaint and customer service portals, conducting clinical trials, and managing data. RPA caters to every aspect linked with the life science industries.
  • Government organizations – routine jobs related to public sector establishments are executed well with RPA. From payroll processing, recruitment, reimbursement of dues, fund allocation and distribution, and auditing. 

The Blue Prism Development

Blue Prism is a software development company dealing with Robotic Process Automation headquartered in Warrington, United Kingdom. Blue Prism was one of the pioneers who developed and diversified the concepts of RPA. It supplies software bots that automate back-office processes working precisely like humans.

The RPA Blue Prism tool offers a flow chart-like design with drag and drops features to automate each business process.  The two primary highlights of integrating Blue Prism to be a tool to expand your RPA solutions are:-

  1. It makes automating processes simpler with drag and drops features.
  2. Minimized human error and facilitates accuracy. 

Modules of Blue Prism

Blue Prism is a package of tools, libraries, and runtime environments for RPA. Any bot consists of two parts-

  1. Process Studio – Process Studio is where an actual process is developed. It lets loop control statements, business logic, variables, and calls to objects be sequenced and tested in a business flow. Every page in a process has its tab in the Process Studio, similar to a flowchart. A process mimics a human user. It implements logic determined by the bot’s logic. Composition of a Process Diagram:-
  • Process diagrams consist of different stages connected through links to form logical frameworks.
  • Stages are chosen from the toolbar and positioned using a mouse on the diagram.
  • They can be selected, moved, resized, formatted, cut, copied, pasted, and deleted, much as you might expect.
  • Stages also have different features that are accessible by double-clicking on them.
  • Links are developed through the link tool by dragging the cursor’s movement from the middle point of one stage to another.


  1. Object Studio – Object Studio is used for building different objects. It is the space to create the Visual Business Object abbreviated as VBO. VBO interacts with other applications.
  • Object Studio provides few “stages” that are not available in the Process Studio
  • Object Studio has two default pages instead of the Main Page.
  • Pages are structures as flat groups rather than in hierarchical order as in the Process Studio
  • It is scalable and consistent
  • Less time is taken for creating bots for subsequent processes
  • System updates are done from one location instead of for every process.
  • Easy bot maintenance. 

Salesforce Automation With Blue Prism

Blue Prism’s collaboration with Salesforce to integrate mutual benefits to supercharge customer service and support with AI-powered intelligent automation workflows.

Blue Prism for Salesforce employs advanced RPA, AI, and machine learning technology, creating a best-in-class, cloud-based intelligent automation solution that makes a smooth customer experience. Some of the popular RPA features enabling salesforce automation are-

  • Safe, scalable, and centralized management of digital workers
  • Comprehensive automation resulting in better control of job-queue  and work distribution
  • Load-balancing, auditing, and encryption
  • Blue Prism tools come with different spying modes for various applications
  • Better features to organize Dashboards so that session data is delivered to external Analytics and monitoring systems
  • The current Blue prism version 6 supports Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS cloud deployment patterns
  • The setting of exception levels saves a screen capture. When used in the production environment, this feature helps in resolving issues related to processing issues securely.
  • You can automate Excel, XML, CSV, pdf, image files.
  • Codeless working with the Blue prism tool
  • Automates software created using Java, Mainframe, Web-based, Windows Applications

The Blue Prism and Salesforce integration brings added benefits of both the platforms delivering benefits such as:-

  1. Perfect SaaS Cloud collaboration that integrates brings front-to-back office intelligent automation.
  2. Automating tasks in Salesforce such as customer data entry, quotations, sales prices, account details, and other updates can be done quickly with pre-built connectors.
  3. Smooth access to critical data – accurately, timely, and in an organized manner with legacy mainframes.
  4. Scaled-up clever automation that is secure, professionally auditable, and fully compliant to modern-day business demands.
  5. Reducing business costs, refining productivity, and leveling up customer satisfaction.
  6. Enhanced decision-making and powerful insights with Blue Prism bring optimum business processes, services, and products.

Enhance your business efficacy with excellent automation

The RPA has made processes and solutions much more refined.  However, when integrated into the efficient Salesforce, the intelligent automation capabilities of Blue Prism have further enhanced those capabilities to advanced analytical modeling that have brought the ease to take direct actions from Salesforce and get the results in real-time.

In this digital era where only the most agile and innovative enterprises can make a dent, Blue Prism’s power extends RPA solutions and further integrates them with Salesforce. With the help of RPA Consultants and Business Automation Consultant, you can gain trust and intelligence solutions and innovative entrepreneurship.

RPA is the emerging technology that is changing how businesses function today. It has ushered digital transformation in every industry that utilizes RPA based automation. In addition, RPA saves money and time so that you can see happy, well-focused, and productive employees in your company. So start your journey with Webuters, one of the  best RPA companies In India, and gain the trust of your happy customers as well as agile digital workforce.

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