How Salesforce Can Help Your Marketing Team?

Today customers are very conscious of their actions and often they tend to control what, when, where, and how to […]

Today customers are very conscious of their actions and often they tend to control what, when, where, and how to interact with a brand. This becomes quite a complex task for marketers to manage their relationships with customers using traditional methods. The situation is becoming challenging for marketers to meet customer expectations and provide them with prompt services. As a result, businesses are constantly trying to upgrade their workflow and enhance brand awareness. Businesses are trying to thrive and get engaged with their customers using various techniques. For example, a digital marketer might be hired by a company to employ multiple tools to draw the attention of the customers but it becomes very tricky to handle multiple marketing operations using various platforms.

This is the time when marketing automation provides solace to marketers. Salesforce steps in to help out businesses by introducing the marketing cloud. This is a type of marketing automation that offers extensive services your business needs to strengthen digital experiences and get involved with both new and old customers. According to a study, it has been anticipated that the global marketing cloud platform will reach $14.3 billion by the end of 2027 and will expand at a CAGR of over 6.7%.

Salesforce for marketing is useful for businesses to organize and monitor their online marketing activities. The marketing cloud is a single platform to monitor social media accounts or send personalized email campaigns.

So, if you are trying to explore more about Salesforce marketing cloud services, its uses, benefits and relevance in business, you are at the right place. This blog has everything to say you need to understand about the role of Salesforce modifying your customer engagement and improving ROI for your business.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – An Overview

As we all know, CRMs were traditionally linked to sales teams but Salesforce has gone a step ahead to offer advanced solutions to the marketing departments or teams. This platform comes with multiple possibilities, all directed toward streamlining marketing operations and most importantly prioritizing customer experience. It is capable of supporting a lot of fundamental marketing processes which influence sales positively. Additionally, it integrates with both B2B and B2C businesses flawlessly, which is a plus.

Salesforce marketing cloud is a marketing automation platform that effectively supports almost all aspects of marketing across a variety of channels including multiple-channel campaign execution, dynamic customer experience, pre as well post campaign analytics, social media management and advertising, and data management. Salesforce marketing cloud services allow businesses to personalize every customer experience and optimize marketing strategies efficiently.

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Businesses use sales for marketing to transform the way customers interact with them for positive business results while syncing all marketing channels into one single platform. This extensive marketing platform highlights a comprehensive API (Application Programming Interface) for platform integration, content personalization scripting languages, and SQL support for data transformation and segmentation.

Salesforce, with an estimated 3 million subscribers, has become the most preferred platform for marketers across many industries. Salesforce not only helps with better coordination with marketing channels but also utilizes data to improve marketing operations.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud uses its two important components while offering the services which are

  • ‘studios’ that help to organize and engage with channels of communication,
  • And ‘builders’ that manage data, content, and customer experience in the platform.

What is the use of Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Nowadays customers are more likely to trust those companies which provide personalized experiences and prompt service. Just as Salesforce puts it Marketing Cloud “covers every imaginable customer interaction and engagement.” Salesforce marketing cloud consists of many powerful tools such as Journey Builder, Contact Builder, Analytics Builder, Social Studio, Mobile Studio, Email Studio, Advertising Studio, Interaction Studio, Web Studio, Data Studio, Pardot, etc., which are integrated solutions serving all marketing needs and helping businesses attain the next level.

These tools are integrated to perform specific tasks together to help your business achieve its goals, plan new ones, and aim for marketing visions to visualize customers’ expectations and journey. This is how Salesforce marketing cloud services are used to read customer history and behavior and guide businesses in choosing the right message for the right customer, at the right place, and using the right channel.

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Besides, Salesforce Cloud Services are also useful for the following purposes: –

  • Offers quality services to customers through personalization and specific targeted versions.
  • Creates CTAs (Call-To-Actions) which are goal oriented and target.
  • Automates repetitive tasks which will free up employees and they can remain more focused on strategic campaigns and planning projects.
  • Engages with the target audience with appropriate measures at the right time.
  • Gain holistic understanding about new customers and the existing customer base.
  • Implements and executes cross-functional and cross-channel marketing campaigns efficiently.
  • Make use of analytics to store data.
  • Keeps track of the number of leads a business has generated over time.
  • Helps in achieving higher conversions.

How to Expand Your Business with Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Marketing cloud enables a business organization or company to extend quality services to their clients. With this, personalized engagement can be delivered to the clients across all platforms including digital, advertising, email to web, social media and lots more. Email marketing, social media marketing, etc., are a few examples.

Salesforce marketing cloud is an enterprise-level platform offering cloud services to businesses of all sizes. It is helpful for both small and large B2B, B2C, and other non-profit businesses. SFMC is convenient for all businesses which need a 360-degree view of their customers to deliver targeted, intentional engagement and other innovative services. SFMC can be effectively customized to meet business requirements and adapt according to the changing preferences of businesses and their customers.

It is a flexible platform that is able to expand your business and unleash crucial innovations. Salesforce for marketing will also influence the entire organizational structure of your business, training, ROI, and most importantly improve the customer experience while simultaneously working toward achieving desired business outcomes.

Besides, there are a number of ways by which a business can reach heights while using Salesforce marketing cloud services. Let’s focus on a few points which state that Salesforce marketing cloud is a must-have for marketers to expand their business.

  1. Strengthen Customer Relations

Any business can grow and become trustworthy by offering high quality services to its customers. This will definitely strengthen their relations with customers. SFMC allows you to combine data from various sources and come to a single unified vision of the customers. This will create higher chances of customer engagement and conversions across all customer touchpoints.

SFMC can create online communities and establish personalized meeting points with clients. These online meeting points can be emails, mobile apps, advertising, IoT, websites, social networks, and lots more. These operations can be efficiently managed by SFMC transferring multichannel communication into omnichannel. Salesforce states that high-performing marketers using their platform are 8.1 times more likely to excel at creating omnichannel and personalized customer experiences.

  1. Personalized Customer Service with AI

SMFC is equipped with a powerful Einstein tool that has Einstein Engagement Frequency, Einstein Engagement Scoring, and Einstein Send Time Optimization. With this, you can structurally organize interactions with customers. A unified approach from the customers will help you to understand their choices, habits, purchasing tendency, and track previous interactions. Such a process will help your business to build fully personalized communication with customers whether be it in the fields of marketing, sales, services, or support. Responding to customers about their queries and reaching out to them in case of problems have a positive impact on the company’s reputation.

  1. Effective Handling of Marketing Campaigns

SMFC makes it very easy to track your campaign performance. It is capable of providing real-time insights as interactions get linked with your business objectives and can even analyze a lot of metrics such as channels, frequency, and messages to make sure that your marketing efforts are served with the expected ROI.

  1. Comprises of Third-Party Applications

SFMC consists of a comprehensive set of third-party applications including those from Salesforce AppExchange to enhance its capabilities and customize it conforming to your desired business goals. Besides, there are ample numbers of third-party products from Salesforce partners integrated with SFMC to ameliorate its functionality and worth.

  1. Chances of Higher Conversions

As already mentioned, when customers receive customized services such as personalized communication and exemplary customer services, this gains your business their trust and loyalty. This is how they get encouraged to increase their interactions with your business or brand. It clearly indicates that when you understand your customers better, you can create an impact on their purchasing decisions. This is indeed helpful for your business to stand out from others and you can also accelerate the time of closure of deals.

Planning Marketing Strategies with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce marketing cloud allows marketers to develop tailored experiences for customers across multiple channels and devices they use. This Salesforce cloud provides solutions for “every imaginable customer interaction”. Thus, constructive marketing strategies can be planned successfully with the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud services. In fact, marketing strategies can be strengthened with SMFC to achieve desired outcomes.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be applied in your business organization under the following circumstances: –

  • When huge amount of behavioral data from multiple sources needs compilation.
  • When you possess transactional purchases or short sales cycles.
  • When you have a spending plan (budget).
  • When you are interested in spending money on training.

Besides, Salesforce for marketing also enables teams to introduce the following features in business. Those are:

  1. Provide a 360-degree Customer View

Salesforce marketing cloud provides an extensive and comprehensive view of all the customers. This is definitely helpful for your business to understand the target market.

  1. Accurate Messaging

By using data-driven insights, you will be able to come up with relevant messaging that will focus on the specific requirements of your customers. This is very useful for your business to get smarter.

  1. Convey the Right Message at the Right Time

The cloud is helpful in compiling all your Salesforce Marketing Cloud data and delivering customized campaigns to your targeted customers at the right time on their convenient digital platforms (the right place).

  1. Automated Marketing

Last but not least, automating repetitive tasks will be extremely helpful to you because this will give you more time to focus on advanced tasks that require human intelligence.

Regardless of your business size, SFMC provides the valuable assistance you need to develop significant relationships in the market that ultimately drives revenues and makes returns run faster on digital investments.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Benefits

Salesforce marketing cloud offers a wide range of benefits to marketing teams to extend their services and increase sales. The benefits are as follows: –

  1. Data Management

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps in the efficient management of mass data by using data extensions (basically a table) that can be connected to form a relational database supported by the Structured Query Language (SQL). This is further combined with SFMC’s impressive capability to store multiple types of data and organize a specific data model for your business. This is advantageous in the sense that other comparative platforms support a limited data model where the import and management services are restricted.

  1. A Comprehensive Knowledge about Customers

As mentioned before, SFMC has the ability to offer personalized services to customers by providing your business with the option of connecting data from multiple sources and devices to get a comprehensive and unified understanding of customers. This allows you to have the necessary information about your customers by providing clear visualization. Also, the information about customers is shown in an easy-to-understand manner. This is how businesses are able to come up with personalized solutions for their customers while increasing engagement rates with the brand.

  1. Insightful Analysis

Salesforce Marketing Cloud conducts management of customer journeys through multiple channels and systems with the help of AI and Google Analytics 360-degree digital tool. With this, marketing operations become sorted and organized. Also, it benefits both the B2B and B2C businesses efficiently as it enables businesses to send the accurate messages to the right customers, at the right moment.

  1. Security and Safety Measures

When it comes to security and protection of data, nothing beats Salesforce Marketing Cloud. With the facility of encryption features, information remains safe on this platform. This is indeed a big thing for businesses since they constantly deal with sensitive data and find it difficult to keep it secure. But with the support of SFMC, sensitive data can be effectively protected and saved from unauthorized access.

  1. Innovations

Salesforce Marketing Cloud paves the way for extensive innovations in businesses. This is an inclusive option for the platform that can boost sales and attract the attention of more customers. When a brand offers exclusive services, it will automatically gain its importance among customers. Innovative ideas can be initiated seamlessly with the help of marketing cloud.

It can be said that the marketing cloud has a solution for every business requirement, regardless of size and marketing activity. It provides multiple tools which are helpful for organizations to get potential clients. Besides, it offers one-of-a-kind ways to create relations with customers and provides high quality service.

  1. Targeted Customer Journey

Salesforce Marketing Cloud creates awareness and derives attention through customer journey by providing adequate real-time insights to businesses. This is how you can plan your business strategies and serve the customers as per their requirements.

When every customer interaction can be personalized with the help of SFMC, it becomes easy to guide them through their journeys.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, Salesforce has become a prominent platform in the modern business world today. You should definitely consider Salesforce Consulting Services for your marketing campaign to run successfully. It will boost conversion rates and enhance the efficiency of your campaigns. Apart from its high standard customized services, the Salesforce marketing cloud can interact with support systems and even with executives within the marketing team themselves.

Well, who doesn’t want to use a user-friendly automated marketing solution to qualify leads and establish an in-depth database along with other features? In fact, the benefits are endless, you will be able to explore everything with Salesforce Marketing Cloud once it gets implemented and integrated into your business. So, are you willing to start your journey with SFMC? Connect with us at Webuters today to experience our high-quality Salesforce Consulting Services. Webuters is one of the leading IT firms in India offering a range of Saleforce Services to bring you the best marketing results.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with our Salesforce experts today!


  1. What is the Salesforce marketing cloud?

Ans: Salesforce marketing cloud is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that offers digital marketing automation, and personalized customer experience, and optimizes marketing efforts. In simple words, Marketing Cloud “covers every imaginable customer interaction and engagement.”

  1. Who uses the Marketing cloud?

Ans: Marketing cloud is used by B2B, B2C, and non-profit businesses as well. Big tech giants like Sony, HauteLook, News Corp Australia, etc., use marketing cloud. The most important feature is that it is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

  1. How does marketing cloud help companies to become ‘customer companies?

Ans: Companies can offer a premium and personalized service by leveraging a 360-degree view of every customer using the marketing cloud. Getting engaged with customers with the right message, at the right time, and at the right place (channel) results in deeper and more meaningful relationships. This creates higher chances of customer engagement and conversions across all customer touchpoints.


  1. How is marketing cloud beneficial to marketers?

The Marketing Cloud is beneficial to marketers in a number of ways. The Marketing Cloud helps marketers to get a deeper understanding of the customers, boost sales, customize customer experience with AI, impact analysis, target customer journey, secure sensitive information, create interest across the customer journey, unleash innovations within businesses, and lots more.

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