How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

What’s better than a well-functioning, user-friendly website? One that can offer fast loading times, of course.

What’s better than a well-functioning, user-friendly website? One that can offer fast loading times, of course.

We’ve speed up a lot of WordPress website over the years. So today we will share with you the best ways to optimize your website. These WP website speed up hacks willl be useful for you, weather you are a beginner or an experienced developer. There is something useful for everyone in this WP optimization guide!

You Must Know

Before jumping into the optimization tips, you must know that all WP websites are not same. There are two types of websites, Static and Dynamic. And the optimization strategies for the two are different. There is no one-size-fit all speed up hacks for WP websites.

Why to speed up WordPress?

You are on this page to know the ways to speed up your website, than you must also know why’s for doing so! There are many reasons for optimizing websites for speed, I am discussing 3 major reasons below. Check out which one fits you the most.

The websites with fast-loading times rank high in search engines. Speeding up the loading time of your WP website will will help imporve your position in the SERPs. This is one reason why your website must load faster than others.

Sites with slow loading see visitors bouncing off the site. So, to retain your existing visitors and keep new visitors engaged, it’s important to speed up WordPress.

Those running an ecommerce on WordPress, or have a busssiness website, you cannot afford to lose customer because of loading speed. In this word of online shopping, you need must ensure the site loads within a few seconds, as online buyers usually quit a site due to speed. The loading speed of your WordPress website directly impacts your profits. This should be a priority for you.

Check the Website Speed

There are many tools to check the speed and performance of website. I prefer GTmetrix, use its free version for basic testing and reporting. You get multiple features in the free version, for more features you can opt for Pro version, which is worth all the price.

Do These To Make Your Website Run At a Lightening Speed

Websites that load faster enjoy the perks of ranking high on search engine, getting more visitors, and staying ahead of their competition. Try the below listed hacks to improve your website speed today.

Choose the hosting wisely

Website host is a place where you score the website data. Hosting impacts your website speed so make sure to choose a good hosting for your website.

Check Speed of Theme

WordPress theme differ in terms of loading speed, while some well-coded load fast, others are slow under the name of customization. When you choose a theme, make sure to check the page speed of demo of the theme, this will help you know how well it is coded and how fast it loads without content.

Get Rid of Plugins That Slow down the site

You use multiple plugins to make your website have all the best features that visitors might like, but the culprits slowing your site could be one of those plugins or more. Use a diagnostic plugin to check the impact of plugins on your WP website. Remove or replace the plugins that are slowing down your website.

Website Compression is Important

To speed up a site the first thing you do is zip the website files, use Gzip plugin for the purpose. The files automatically get unzip when user visits your site. The changes in loading time are shockingly true!

Image Compression

Maximum bandwidth is consumed by images on the website, which makes it critical to compress the images. There are plugins that automatically compresses images after they are uploaded to media library. One such plugin is WP, using this you will see a boost in website speed and not to worry about the image quality, you will see no difference in that.

Database Cleanup

Backup your database and than clean trash from your database. This you should do manually on a regular period or use a plugin to do so. Just keep what is important and see the change in speed.

Minify JavaScript and CSS

The common mistake that we all make is that we use multiple CSS and JavaScript files on a page. This is another reason that slows the website speed. It’s important to keep all CSS in one file and all JavaScript in one file. This will reduce the number of requests that the browser makes.

Wrapping Up

Having a website that loads at lightening speed helps boost your ranking on search engine, hikes conversion rates, improves crawlability for search engines, increases user time on site, and lessens the bounce rate. Above all, in this era of technology, people love to stick to websites that load faster.

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