SEO Tips to Improve Your Ranking on Search Engines

No matter how beautiful website you have, if you are not doing proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you won’t reach the right audience

No matter how beautiful website you have, if you are not doing proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you won’t reach the right audience. Your stunning portfolio cannot get any business to you, if you not using the right SEO tactics at the right time.

In this hard-hitting business competition world, everyone is trying to rank number one on Google, Bing and Yahoo. But there is no shortcut to achieve this, proper and smart SEO can only help you reach the goal. These search engines are very objective in terms of keywords, alt tags, sitemaps etc. Thus making it of utmost importance for you to have an understanding of SEO to improve your rankings.

What is SEO?

SEO is a process that brings more traffic to your website from search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing via organic search or by algorithmic search results.

If you website ranks high in search results, it will receive large number of visitors from the search engines. Which in turn will bring more business, and potential customers.

Understanding SEO terminology is easy, but its application is not. So to improve the ranking of your website on Google and other search engines, you need a SEO Specialist. You may be able to find several paid services to improve SEO, but here we have listed a few that are non-paid and we think are a must for you!

1. URL Structure

A URL is the first thing which is used by the search engine for determining rank of a page, hence making it vital for you to keep URLs easy and short, so that spiders can easily search them. Keeping the URLs short, relevant to keywords and page topic is a smart SEO tactic. This will also ensure that the URLs categories the website pages rightly.

2. Page Titles

Search engines use page title for displaying a web-page in its search result. The page title also appears at top of the web browser which makes it easy for users and search spiders to know what topic your page focuses on.

As far as Google Search Engine is concerned, it displays only 50 – 60 characters in their page title tags, while Bing and Yahoo recommend a title of about 67 characters long including spaces. So make sure you keep page titles relevant, keyword focused, short and compelling.

3. Use Relevant Keywords

Search engine spiders are programmed in a way that they ignore keyword-stuffed content, so stuffing excess amount of keywords to the content, won’t take you to any heights. But using related keywords, with needed amount of density and proximity would improve ranking of your website on search engines. Besides keyword density and proximity, placement of keywords in the website content is of great importance to improve rankings.

4. Create Sitemaps

Sitemap is an important part of SEO, which allows search spiders to locate website pages quickly, and with more relevance to the search. By using sitemap it becomes easier for both users and search spiders to find pages, and also the website pages can be reached with significantly in less time with less number of clicks.

5. Use ALT Tags

Every video or image that you upload to your website can have alternative text descriptions (ALT tags). These text descriptions makes it easy for search engines to locate your page with the help of keywords found in the ALT tags. These descriptions increase the chances of your site to be found by search engines, and in turn raises the ranking of your page on search engines.

6. Update Site Content Regularly

Regularly updating content is an absolute must, also it is considered as one of the vital indicators to get improved traffic on the website. Fresh and updated content showcases the relevancy of your website. In short, fresh, unique and relevant content, with right amount of keywords can help improve your page rankings.

7. Improve reliability and relevance of your site, grow organic links

The number of quality inbound links and organic links to your site, is an important concern for Google’s algorithm. You must grow natural links because Google ranks the relevance and reliability of your website based on the number of times third parties’ have recommended it. Thus making it important for you to monitor how the links are growing.

8. Make your website Mobile-friendly

The world has turned mobile, as it has been observed that an increased amount of organic traffic to the sites come from mobile devices. Therefore, a mobile-friendly website interface equals to better user experience and will rank higher in Google searches. The better user experience you site provides, the better you will rank on Google search.

9. Keep track of your Rankings

Keeping track of your search standings is vital, as without it you won’t know how the SEO is benefiting your business. Using Google and Alexa toolbar for keeping track of SEO would be a wise decision. Also, it is important for you to do a periodic check of your referrer log in order to keep a track of with what search terms the users are landing at your site and to finds other ways by which users are reaching the site.

Bottom Line 

No business can grow without customers, but how the customers get to know about your business? Now is the time where SEO comes into the picture. When your business appears more in search, ranks higher on search engine pages, customers are more likely to use your services. SEO is the need of the hour, so hire an experienced and knowledgeable team that can make your business visible to more customers.

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