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Business environment is dynamic. In order to keep the business from lacking behind, it is essential to keep up with […]

Business environment is dynamic. In order to keep the business from lacking behind, it is essential to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. To maintain that top-notch service over the competitors, businesses need to constantly find new ways and methods to grow and further succeed in the market. The fast pace of the world is hard to catch up to. Every season comes with new updates and the businesses need to reconsider inventing themselves. One of the most practiced ways to ease this out is by making well researched investments in those tools and technologies that promise rapid growth and profit. Investment in the genuine tools do fulfil your desired goals.

Behind the growth of a business, there are various tasks and aims that need to be completed efficiently and effectively. To accelerate the growth of business, one can consider a technological investment in Salesforce. It is a multi-tenant environment that offers excellent CRM services to empower business growth. As a CRM platform, Salesforce plays a vital role in the journey of enterprises. It provides digital transformation, customer success and drives forth innovation into the business organisation. But there are certain limitations that come along with the above mentioned benefits. Let’s understand the limitations of Salesforce Storage.

Limitations of Salesforce Storage

  • The pre located salesforce storage space usually starts to run out after only 2 to 3 years of use, depending on the speed at which the files and data is generated.
  • As the primary storage is start to fill up, the CRM immediately becomes bulky, reducing its efficiency and adversely affecting the user experience.
  • There are several compliance and governance guidelines that companies need to adhere to, which becomes challenging because of the inadequate storage space and the files and data being stored in an unstructured manner.
  • To resolve the concerns, if the enterprises decide to purchase any additional storage space to reinforce and support the primary storage, their overall budget goes up because the additional storage, both file and data is really expensive.

There are various complexities involved in the actual collection and storage of a large volume of files, attachments and data records. Everything has its own benefits and limitations and so does Salesforce storage. Therefore these limitations are not the end to this mind blowing technology. Here are a few tips to prevent hitting Salesforce for storage limit.

To understand the tips better first let’s know the structure of Salesforce storage.

The customers of Salesforce are offered an inbuilt storage where the data and files that are generated regularly can be held. This storage is divided into three categories that make it easy for the customers to find their files , or data easily.

The first category of Salesforce storage is

Data Storage – The customers will find space for data records like accounts, campaigns, cases, contacts customer objects data translations, email messages, events, Google documents, lead notes orders commerce solutions tasks commerce stored in data and custom objectives of Salesforce data storage.

The second category of Salesforce storage is

File Storage – In the file storage section the customers will find storage space for files and attachments, files home, sales force CRM content , chatter files, documents, and the assets in the Salesforce.

Coming to the 3rd and the last category of Salesforce storage-

Big Object Storage – There is also the recently launched big data based storage option called Big Objects that are designed to easily hold voluminous amounts of enterprise data.

Know the limits of each category of Salesforce Storage

After adding up all the benefits, the total Data storage makes it to 10.2 GB. In the early 2019, all the Salesforce editions such as Unlimited Performance, Enterprise and Professional, offer 10 GB default data storage. An additional 200 MB is provided to each user by these editions. For example, 10 GB of data storage is received by 10 users by Professional Edition Org, plus the additional 200 MB which makes it 2 GB for 10 users, then the total data storage stands at 12 GB.

Almost all the above mentioned Salesforce editions have a default allocation of 10 GB of file storage and an additional 2 GB per user. Talking of the Essentials edition, the users are provided with 1 GB of file storage per Org. It is the Professional edition only that has an additional 612 MB bifurcated into 100 MB per user license and 512 MB per license for the Salesforce Content feature license.

The Big Objects storage is the launched recently, therefore, all the Salesforce editions have allocated storage for 1 million Big Objects records per Salesforce Org.

Steps to prevent hitting Salesforce storage limit

Below is the consolidated list of the means through which the Salesforce file and data storage can be combated and can be optimised to a greater potential:

  • Know what items require storage – This will help you identify and save the space for necessary items. These items must be the ones that are most frequently used and require day to day adherence for the growth of the business. As the Salesforce storage is provided to ease the daily tasks for its customers, it is essential for them to learn the proper way of using the this technology. The improper use may cause an opposite impact on the growth of the business. Therefore, know the items to be stored and make room for them in an organised manner.
  • Analyse your use of storage – As mentioned above, knowing the proper way of using Salesforce storage is necessary for its users to make the most out of it. Once you have known the items to be stored, making a proper arrangement for the items after a top-notch analysis will give you the best results. You will get one step closer to achieving your desired goals and making sure to stay put with the dynamic business world. Technology can be challenging to understand but once learnt, it is the greatest investment in today’s world.
  • Keep Salesforce data clean – Symmetrical and consolidated use of the storage is a great way to loose out on important items in the storage. If the data is kept clean i.e., if it is divided into organised segments of the storage, it will be much easier to filter out unwanted items from the storage and make wise use the provided technology. This third step is one of the most important ones in the process of preventing hitting the limit of Salesforce storage. The organised data makes it much easier for the managers to execute daily operations with data wide open in systematic order.
  • Build a data deletion process – The previous step requires you to build a data deletion process for your business. The Salesforce technology is built to help businesses in easing out their everyday tasks and make optimised use of their important time. The deletion process should be such that it does not cause any loss to the business enabling more space in the storage. The deleted items should not be of use any more or should not be important. The old data stored in the storage keeps the room full for the new data to be stored. Hence, deleting the old data that is no longer necessary can be deleted.
  • Use a third-party Salesforce backup solution – Storage can be increased using a third- party Salesforce backup. Keeping a backup for storage is an intelligent step for keeping the running of business smooth and free of obstacles. The management of the business is equally important than executing the plans, therefore, making the use of tools and technology is the way to keep the management running while you can focus on implementing on the planning of the business. The third-party backup may require further investment but it will all be worth it once you get used to the service of Salesforce technology.

While starting a business, we may come across many obstacles which can lead to brainwashing. We can feel lack of confidence and may even think about dropping the idea of the startup. Therefore, the technological world is dedicated in developing such tools and technologies which will give fill the strength back up in the startup leaders. Many a times, management of a business can be very challenging. The continuous changes in the business industry can add up the tension level. But Salesforce comes to our rescue.

Today, digital transformation has become essential for every business. Salesforce does not only helps you gear up to the digital world but also makes it easier for you handle your daily tasks smoothly. Customers are the backbone of any business. If we do not gain any customers, our business will be a flop. Hence, to handle the customers successfully will result in the success of the business. The changes are good for every industry. A change can help you think wider and come up with further innovations. Salesforce makes adapting these changes easier. You can get it right, if you are willing to adapt the technology wholeheartedly.

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