Intelligent Apps (I – Apps) – The Future of Mobile Industry

Smartphones have become such an important part of our life that life without them is unimaginable. This device has completely changed the

Smartphones have become such an important part of our life that life without them is unimaginable. This device has completely changed the way we live.  But the most fascinating thing about it are the apps that we download and use on it. Today we have a mobile app for anything and everything, we communicate, shop and even run business through an app. With the advancement of technology and evolution of Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, mobile apps have started utilizing AI capabilities that gave birth to Intelligent apps (I-apps). The next generation apps that recognize speech, do translations etc. In a nutshell, they deliver a personalized user experience.

Let’s understand this revolution of mobile apps.

What are Intelligent Apps?

To put it simple, intelligent apps are applications that learn behavioral, emotional and contextual patterns of users in real time and deliver a personalized and adaptive experience to them. I-apps make use of AI-powered algorithms to deliver super-rich experiences to the user. Integrating business with I-apps can facilitate customer experience and improve market position of business.

Intelligent Apps Future of Mobile Industry

There is nothing wrong when I say AI-powered apps are future, as a report by Statista, has already estimated the global market value of AI to be over 1.7 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2020.

How Intelligent Apps Work?

1. Intelligent apps do not need keyboard inputs. They produce results just by reading speech, motions and gestures. To help you understand through example, Siri, Alexa, Microsoft Cortana are all Intelligent apps that we use in our daily life.

2. I-apps make use of cognitive API, which include advanced AI features such as machine learning, natural language processing and semantic technology. Using these AI features intelligent apps are able to recognize familiar emotions and faces, convert text into speech and help user in decision making.

3. I-apps move parallel to user activity, they are always in sync with the user behavior. They learn and change to offer a personalized experience. They read and act based on users choices. They are ready for now and future.

4. The smart integration of AI features and use of customer data, analytics and insights help I-apps learn and deliver an experience based on that.

What Are the Benefits of Intelligent Apps?

1. Makes daily work easy  due to their ability to think, act and evolve.

2. Offers predictions that help user make better decisions.

3.Delivers personalized experience that results in customer engagement.

4. Offers efficient app functionalities.

5. Offers seamless interaction through its capability to learn users behavior pattern.

Intelligent Apps in Business

Intelligent Apps are adopted by B2C much faster than other business models. However their adoption into B2B is at an equal pace. These I-apps can benefit every sector due to their power to expand operational excellence. In product based companies, it can alert people on safety, hence reducing the chances of industrial accidents. Not just this, these apps have unique benefits for different sectors. If we think of one such benefit of I-apps that help every business, we would say it is sales, Intelligent apps boost your sales by evaluating and prioritizing leads and predicting the opportunities that can be won.

How Webuters Can  Help?

As the AI development is growing at a faster pace and Intelligent apps are adopted by businesses for sustaining their market position, it is easy to understand that every business would want to implement and adopt I-apps. Those who are already moving parallel with technology are enjoying the edge over others. Whereas enterprises that are still following the traditional methods fail to compete and end up in pile.

If you are still going tradition, it’s high time to make a move to I-apps, Webuters can assist you. At Webuters we create actionable roadmaps to show realistic growth opportunities that Intelligent apps can bring to your business. We have the expertise, hands-on experience and proven track record in integrating I-apps for various business across industries. Need our service? share your business challenge or idea with us and we will get in touch.

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