Presence of Augmented Reality in Our Everyday Life

Before we try to understand the influence of augmented reality in our daily life, it is essential to understand what augmented reality me

Before we try to understand the influence of augmented reality in our daily life, it is essential to understand what augmented reality means? By definition, augmented reality is nothing more than just a view of a real-world physical environment where different elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery. The most exciting aspect about augmented reality is that it makes use of the existing environment and superimpose added information.

In case, if you are still not clear about what AR is, then you don’t have to go long back, remember how Pokémon Go took over the online world by storm. The augmented reality game got immense popularity and involved players trying to catch digital monsters. Moreover, nowadays you could also see various apps such as Snapchat, and Instagram that are offering users with filters which overlay animated images onto users’ faces.

As this technology is mounting, simultaneously its usage is now increasing to other platforms apart from its early opening in network sporting events. In the existing scenario, the improvement of microprocessors in addition to mobile computing is transforming augmented reality just from a science fiction self-delusion to actual practical technology. Many of us might be still thinking about how this technology is reshaping our future.

Augmented Reality can be beneficial in the development of diverse industries. Now many industries have started to implement it so that people can have a real-time image of their surrounding and grasp information accordingly. Today, when we say augmented reality in daily life, then there are many such instances where this unique feature or technology is used. Let us have a look at a few of them:

In the medical field: For doctors, this technological advancement has helped them complete complex and complicated surgeries. Augmented reality has contributed very much to the medical area by providing precision to the doctors during surgery. With this technology, the internal human body can be view in three-dimensional images which helps the doctor, as well as medical practitioners, achieve more in-depth study and research of living human body.

2. Use in retail shops: Nowadays the retail shops are also enabling Smartphone usage to view and product and grab the details right at their fingertips with the usage of their phone. One such company is Harley Davidson who has been very much popularly been in the news due to the augmented reality feature it provided to its customer. They have a unique app which enables people to view any bike of their choice as well as customize accordingly and get the final look.

3. Use of AR for repairing purpose: Now the augmented reality is also being used for various repairing and maintenance purposes. The mechanics state that augmented reality glasses and headphones help them to get on spot view and details related to the repairing. This saves time as well as guides the person on what to do and how. This technological advancement is undoubtedly going to increase with time.

4. Used for designing purpose: If we talk about earlier times, then it was challenging for architect and designers to imagine the final product view, but after the introduction of the AR, there is a new possibility for designers to imagine and view the final product they are going to deliver or present in front of customers. Many planners are now able to plan the whole city very easily using AR.

5. Use of AR for business: Augmented reality has been used in the business sector as well. For example, the company DHL has used specialized AR glasses that in turn helped their delivery person find the shorter route and reach the pick or drop location. Not only DHL but other companies are getting themselves involved with the use of AR because of the time saving and precise information.

6. Use of AR In tourism industry: Augmented reality has brought up an immense and new kind of experience for all the travelers as it has helped them view the tour they are planning in the coming months in advance. Such pre-tour experience helps the traveler to imagine the fun and joy they are going to feel during the trip. Many companies are using AR so that they can bring up the tour experience to their customers before they head up for the trip.

7. Use of AR in the education sector: Education is evolving every day, and we have seen a variety of changes. We are moving from teacher-student oral education to blackboard and now smart boards. Education has been a sector which is changing with time and trying to bring up a better experience for the students. Thus, when highlighting the use of AR in education then we can easily see that use of tablets are very much promoted nowadays in school so that students can get the real-time view and experience the current situation.

8. Use of AR on field duty: AR is now being used for many on fieldwork as it helps the service provider to get specific details related to any package, system, technological error, etc. Thus AR helps to give an in-depth and detailed view about any future problem or provides solutions.

9. Use in the entertainment sector: People are now no more dependent on newspaper or book, but now they have advanced themselves with technology. People are now more into using AR based entertainment service so that they can enjoy any type of entertainment-related service anywhere. Many apps have also been developed to help people view their real world but in a more interactive and fun way.

10. AR for artist: Augmented reality technology has also helped the artists to explore more of their creative side but now in a new way. Now artists can explore more of the world through AR technology which enables them to view the real world and add their imagination to it.

The Bottom Line

No doubt that “Augmented Reality” has changed the format many other industries. The devices are adopting this new technology, and so the escalation of Augmented Reality is exponentially huge. As the technology moves forward, we can very well expect that the real world and the online world are expected to get more tangled. With so many positive returns, AR could genuinely change what it is to be human.

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