How Salesforce NPSP is a Perfect Solution to Nonprofit Problems?

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have a critical role in the growth of society and communities. NGOs can also be an imperative [&hel

How Salesforce NPSP is a Perfect Solution to Nonprofit Problems?

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have a critical role in the growth of society and communities. NGOs can also be an imperative link between the people and government because every NGO functions on certain principles and goals. Nowadays, NGOs have started to use technological tools, which are helping them widen their reach to the needy.

Successfully running a non-profit organization is undoubtedly not an easy task. Stricter rules are being imposed by the state heads around the globe, making it immensely challenging for the NGOs to work with freedom.

One prominent issue among many is the employment of unskilled management. Besides, the unavailability of effective organizational solutions in modern times seems to be another contributing factor.

But the good news is that Salesforce offers a complete solution for NGOs, helping them achieve more using technology, especially the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). This article tells you precisely how Salesforce is assisting NGOs to do more for the greater good.  Before jumping to the most common problem any NGO faces, Let’s know why Nonprofits need Salesforce.

Why to say ‘Yes’ to Salesforce for Non-Profits?

Implementation of Salesforce NPSP has helped nonprofits reap greater benefits, it not only helping there organizations to enhance their capability but  making it easier to achieve their goals. Many reports and surveys claimed that with Salesforce, nonprofits have efficient time management, centralized data management, better marketing Return on Investment (ROI) rate, exponential increase in productivity and outcomes, growing donor retention and enhanced constituent’s engagement.

Salesforce nonprofit success pack

By this time, you know how beneficial Salesforce NPSP is for your nonprofit. Read on to find out the problems NGOs face and ways Salesforce solves them.

Fund scarcity won’t be an issue

It becomes difficult for NGOs to run successfully without financial support as there are numerous activities such as organizing events, campaigning, distributing goodies, etc., requiring funds. It is a big issue as you need to continuously search and enquire government organizations, people, and firms for donations.

That’s where Salesforce Cloud can be involved to increase web-based donations via developing online form pages. It helps in frequent contributions as well as one-time supporters to make timely contributions from anywhere. In addition, the integration of Google Analytics can help you track contributor data to understand donation patterns.

At the same time, you can also start a campaign through e-mail, add links and make it hassle-free for the user to make quick donations. Salesforce even removes issues related to data duplication, which is possible through Salesforce’s Platform Data Integrity. In addition, it eliminates redundant contacts, thus avoiding spamming matters of any kind.

Smooth out the process of handling tricky campaigns

There are many people interested in joining an NGO, which also means increased participation in campaigns and initiatives. It, however, requires expanding the reach of your operations, making it challenging to handle the total footfall with a growing contributor database. Organizing and managing such voluminous data securely then becomes quite tricky. 

However, the efficacy of Salesforce NPSP (Non- Profit Success Pack) can be used here, and you can get a dedicated module for managing complex programs efficiently. In addition, it helps your customer care members to offer uninterrupted round-the-clock support to your users through different platforms. This allows you to scale up your operational capacity and keeping a dedicated relationship with your supporters simultaneously.

Expanding the scope for volunteer management

An NGO without volunteers might seem blank since volunteers are the foundation of any NGO. They are the ones who put all the effort and making any NGO work smoothly and successfully. But getting and then maintaining such a loyal and hardworking workforce isn’t easy. Moreover, even if you manage to get them, working and handling their schedule is also not easy.

That brings to the picture the ‘Volunteers for Salesforce App’ to solve the entire problem with its well-organized volunteer management. It lets you consolidate, find helpers matching volunteers fulfilling the required skills, posting a note of appreciation for dedicated volunteers, and posting opportunities for willing helpers. This is a good way of handling and engaging your workforce in an NGO.

Donor management made more resourceful

As your NGO expands with time, so do your contributors, making it difficult to manage and host events for your donor base.

With Nonprofit Cloud, the task of handling donors becomes much more accessible. The platform lets you get a centralized report about call records, logging information, and other essential tasks – all in one place. In addition, it helps plan the schedule better fundraising strategy in changing digital time.

If your workforce faces any problem, the knowledge base, documentation, and programs of the tool can help them take the next step. You even have the option of creating case notes and saving them for future references.

This module also lets you find your donor/volunteer, evaluate their contributions/ work, and analyze so that you can support them better. Besides, having real-time, neat, and related data for supporter profiles helps you record gift entries and recurring donations for the future.

Trusted Payments, Addresses & Accounting

The Salesforce ecosystem is known for offering a secure and trusted environment for online payments and donations. The secure online donation forms and integrated payment services allow you to tap the power of fundraising and donations  while also helping you get increased transparency in your financial and accounting work with accurate real-time data available anytime

 Data-driven reports, insights, and analytics

Having clean and precise data is essential as it varies with the requirement. Having Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) ensures you never run of data when you need it, whether measuring fundraising performance, donor reports, volunteer reports, campaign and activity data. You can find all the insights at the click of your hand to help you make better and futuristic decisions about the NGO.

 Bespoke solutions Customization Options

Though fundamentally all non-profits seem to be engaged in the same war, they have different goals and objectives to achieve them. Salesforce is known for providing optimum flexibility to NGOs based on their unique requirement and features. The customization option having within Nonprofit Cloud can help you tailor solutions and functionalities for your need for face reaching effects.

Let Salesforce NPSP technology help you change things for the better

Using technology-driven tools and systems means you have more power, efficiency, and insights to make your NGO a successful venture. It, in turn, helps accelerate the pace of achieving the goals and objectives of your NGO, bringing a greater good for the greater masses. In addition, salesforce-based business automation encourages NGO team members to gather the correct data and most accurate insights.

Together with teamwork and ease in the implementation, you can have an integrated and unified approach for everything all your needs so that the reach of your NGO can widen. Moreover, it is agile, flexible, and customizable, which means all your needs will be catered to. If you own an NGO, all you need is to get in touch with us and we will help you deploy your Salesforce NPSP and also access the Salesforce Customization and Salesforce Support features

Moreover, help is just a click away, Webuters is a trusted technology partner and provides a range of Salesforce Services to help you make the most of your investments. Know how we helped an NGO scale its impact with Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, case study

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