The Future of eCommerce: Is Salesforce Commerce Cloud The Next Big Spot?

E-Commerce is thriving. A trend that has emerged to be a successful way for brands to move closer to their […]

E-Commerce is thriving. A trend that has emerged to be a successful way for brands to move closer to their targeted audience. Over the last few decades, continuous advancement in technology has enabled the industry to keep evolving to produce more value-added products and services. It has enabled retailers to leverage platforms to respond to the changing preferences of consumers with more personalized experiences.    

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud or SFCC is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to top-notch eCommerce solutions for both B2B and B2C businesses. It is a multi-level cloud-based platform with many customer management tools. SFCC is a comprehensive e-commerce system that satisfies all of the user needs, ranging from sales and commerce to integration, analytics, and many more Salesforce Commerce Cloud features.

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But what role does SFCC play in the future of eCommerce? If you’ve been following eCommerce statistics, you’re aware that the patterns demonstrate that growth and change occur annually. Despite the dynamic nature of eCommerce, Salesforce Commerce continues to expand its offerings to maintain its high ranking in personalization, business intelligence, AI, machine learning, and analytics.

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We will now dive deeper to understand the contributions of Salesforce Commerce Cloud in the future of eCommerce.    

The Future of Retail: The Need for a Digital Thrust   

The future market forecasts that the eCommerce industry is projected to reach US$5.88tn by 2025, with a CAGR of 11.58%. This is a direct result of rapid advancement in technology as well as consumers increasingly preferring to buy a product and services online. Statistics show that internet shopping has a significant global influence, with a whopping 79 percent of smartphone users making online purchases within the last six months. As a result, a software-based platform that optimizes the entire process of online sales and marketing is now required. 

Due to their conventional business strategies, operational models, and lack of digital competencies, retailers now totally rely on digital technologies. While switching to cloud-based or SaaS solutions for daily operations, many merchants have struggled to adopt technological advancements. The main difficulty with implementing new technologies is that they can be time-consuming, difficult, and frightening, especially when they force you to reevaluate how you operate. 

Here SFCC can be of assistance. The most well-known CRM provider, Salesforce, provides SFCC, formerly known as Demandware, as a Software as a Service (SaaS). By offering a variety of features specifically created to revolutionize the way brands connect with their customers, it focuses on streamlining and improving the whole sales process.    

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud and How it is Influencing e-Commerce?   

Salesforce Commerce is a cloud-based service that offers fascinating features for eCommerce businesses, including merchandising, promotions, fulfillment, content, marketing, and customer care, along with cutting-edge technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Salesforce Commerce Cloud also helps organizations offer their customers modern digital experiences.   

B2B and B2C companies can benefit from Commerce Cloud’s quick and effective assistance in reaching their ideal clients. Its cloud-based technology enables businesses to give potential customers individualized experiences. The Commerce Cloud ecosystem streamlines the entire purchasing experience by fusing cutting-edge design with artificial intelligence (AI), seamless multichannel integrations, and many channels.  

As the buying process is becoming more complicated as consumers interact with brands through a wider range of channels- Simple marketing techniques are no longer sufficient for a successful brand to stay innovative. To assess purchasing trends and intricate client behavior, brands must implement sophisticated systems that track users. 

SFCC’s predictive analytics and multi-channel commerce capabilities enable this. Today, businesses across all marketing channels may collect data, get insights, and develop novel chances for customers.   

SFCC Key Features    

  • Cloud Digital Commerce 

With the use of well-known tools, features, and mobile frameworks you may build a fully responsive website. Your online store can be promoted on social media to broaden your target market with the aid of Commerce Cloud Digital. In addition to all of this, you can optimize mobile search and payment, lower cart abandonment, and create your own branded app to enhance the consumer experience on mobile.   

  • Reference Architecture for Storefronts 

With this cutting-edge framework, you can quickly create a personalized, expert website. To successfully maintain your website, you can use pre-designed wireframes, integrated digital innovation tools, and valuable integrations for changes.   

  • Endless Aisle of Commerce Cloud 

With SFCC, you can combine your shopping options and simplify the purchasing process for both your clients and your retail staff. Your team members can access customer databases and data on online inventory, and you can deliver customized customer experiences. Your consumers will be able to fill their Wishlist with the things they want thanks to this. By promoting special offers in your online store, you can also lower the amount of business you do in person. 

  • Order Management 

You can automate the payment process, handle refunds and cancellations, and streamline the process of fulfilling and shipping customers’ orders around the world with Order Management SFCC. 

  • Trade Portals 

By engaging and motivating them with loyalty programs, you may establish a long-lasting relationship with your clients. You may offer your clients relevant learning materials at every point of their purchasing journey since SFCC allows you to track consumer behavior statistics. Through communities, newsletters, and social media, you may also provide your customers with pertinent content and brand updates.   

Giving Retail Businesses a Competitive Edge with SFCC   

Retailers may now offer their customers an omnichannel and multichannel experience thanks to digital transformation. Customers benefit from easy buying based on their convenience thanks to digital presence across numerous channels. 

Customers typically look forward to new experiences and features. These routine updates ought to be released in a way that maintains stability while allowing for flexibility and consistency. Providing a seamless, integrated experience across physical and digital channels, is essential. You need dependable infrastructure that gives you an instantly accessible and consistent network in order to provide service to millions of users. 

Along with everything else mentioned above, you need a new culture that will arrange your operations and departments in accordance with corporate objectives and client happiness. As retail firms embark on their journey toward digital transformation, SFCC is currently the most well-known and in-demand platform for doing so.   

Future-proofing with Salesforce Cloud Commerce 

In terms of becoming the future of eCommerce, SFCC offers the following benefits,   

  • Innovations in Motion: 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps eCommerce businesses provide their customers with cutting-edge digital experiences. Businesses may experiment with fulfillment, learn new promotion strategies, and improve customer service and experience thanks to the suite. It offers a website framework that combines the top techniques for merchandising, in-store design, and technical architecture. The shopping experience is enhanced by the vast library of pre-built connectors, which includes payment accelerators, reward programs, ratings, and reviews.

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  • Mobile-first feature 

In 2021, the global mobile commerce market was valued at US$ 833.9 billion. While a compound annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 32.1% is predicted for the global mobile commerce market between 2014 and 2019. With emerging eCommerce enterprises needing mobile-friendly interactive interfaces, Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables organizations with the skills to up their mobile game. Salesforce gives businesses the tools to set up online stores that are mobile-responsive, maximize micro-moments, and enable one-touch payments, making them more accessible to customers and boosting sales.   

  • Management of Orders Integrated 

With the seamless platform provided by SFCC, customers may purchase online with flexibility and enjoy an identical experience to that of in-store purchasing. SFCC provides cross-channel integrated order management. This can assist customers in choosing the date, time, and frequency of their shipments, as well as the destination and method of return.   

  • The ability to scale-up quickly 

Because it is a cloud-based platform, Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables organizations to expand quickly and enter new markets more quickly. Nobody could have ever imagined how easily a firm could expand. Businesses may now tailor their internet stores to different locales, currencies, and tongues. It is simple to modify and adapt the demography of online retailers to suit consumer preferences. Sellers may easily manage many businesses from a single framework, further integrating the system with more streamlined and effective procedures.   

  • Enhancing User Experiences 

Salesforce eCommerce facilitates the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and other data science tools to create customized user experiences for customers. It’s interesting to note that Salesforce’s eCommerce suite includes AI as well. It enables merchants to more effectively manage their inventories and other business operations. Furthermore, e-retailers may benefit from AI-generated data because it can be visualized more effectively and may help them build quick data skills.

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  • Superior Client Support   

All vendors receive round-the-clock support from the SFCC platform, which also makes sure that their operations follow their plans. Additionally, they address all security concerns whenever they arise at any moment. Maintaining the pace of technological development is crucial for enterprises in today’s fiercely competitive climate because it not only keeps the stakeholders happy while generating steady revenue but also keeps the demanding customers’ content.   

Final Thought  

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers a robust eCommerce solution. This system will be more helpful than any other program because it is cloud-based. The sales process as a whole is the foundation of every firm, that would profit the most from it. The SFCC platform would equip shops who wanted to further increase their consumer base in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as offer the greatest tools to help them shift online quickly. Additionally, SFCC wants to improve the flexibility and ease of buying for both consumers and shops. It would therefore offer top-tier shopping experiences and boost the company’s sales even more. 

In the eCommerce industry, SFCC enables you to get a fantastic return on your investment and can keep innovating. Additionally, it saves time and money while assisting in the creation of excellent user experiences. You become incredibly competitive and resilient when you have the ability to react quickly to market developments. When you adopt SFCC, you start your eCommerce journey on the path of ongoing profitability so that you can expand your company and succeed in whatever you do.   

Contact Webuters if you’re for easy adoption of SFCC. Our SFCC integration allows you to access a variety of functionalities in one place through Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Community Cloud. With our deep understanding and proficiency in SFCC, we help you to optimize and effectively advance your company’s performance. 

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