Why B2B Should Leverage Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

What has changed about the buyer behavior in B2B is that it’s now more similar to how consumers behave. With […]

What has changed about the buyer behavior in B2B is that it’s now more similar to how consumers behave. With 60% of the clients now shopping online. The buyer’s increasing interest in online shopping is affecting companies big and small- and many are not even prepared to service these customers. From a B2B perspective businesses face an increasing challenge reaching buyers. In fact, they now behave like a different type of consumer: the responsible online shopper.

eCommerce is the best way to reduce costs and help growth. Currently, however, ecommerce solutions that are offered in this area are deficient and cause economic losses. Companies in B2B generally have a hard time reaching their potential. The main issue with B2B is that they promise too much (i.e., save time, keep costs down), but fail to deliver enough to make the customer feel satisfied and generate a sale. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is here to help with B2B’s worst tendencies by creating an automated sales solution that really works, simplifying the way companies manage their ecommerce as well as flows of information between departments/partners/customers so you can focus on what matters most: your customers.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Can Meet Your Client Needs

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides an intuitive, platform for building your own personal online presence with a focus on the needs of your clients. With diverse characteristics, this tool has many benefits that make it effective alongside Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud.

Commerce Cloud offers a product management experience between website shopping carts and an e-commerce marketplace. It’s not just a product display on the web, it goes well beyond that by making it seamless to buy products in bulk and negotiate prices with clients.

Demand generation just got a bit more competitive. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud tool that manages communication with suppliers, automatically performs tasks, and can provide promising personalization through autoservice.

Provide your clients with a seamless shopping experience by utilizing Cloud eCommerce. With its automatic and autonomous functions, you’ll save time communicating with suppliers. Online management also makes it much easier for the companies that use it to track their client’s needs continuously and provide them with personalized services on demand.

You can customize a platform with everything from order management to payments through website customization built specifically for a business. As Commerce Cloud updates continuously, there are 4 axes on which B2B online sales are articulated. The commerce cloud does the heavy-lifting in each axis.

Time to Upgrade Your eCommerce

Commerce Cloud offers drag and drop templates to create beautiful, personalized user experiences for your store. The eCommerce motor utilizes artificial intelligence with Salesforce’s search engine in order to provide suggestions that are sure to catch your eye.

Salesforce will build your user experience for you through drag and drop templates or search engine power. The eCommerce motor is another efficiency, integrating machine learning with their base to offer the appropriate suggestions. A brand’s story is supported by Salesforce with Salesforce Lighting Experience and the store can be configured easily through Lightning.

With cloud commerce, you can be confident in managing all portions of the client’s account and orders with greater ease and accuracy. The store is linked fully to the Salesforce experience tools: Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and many more. Lastly, there are ample reports that give the merchant extensive details into their scalability of their shop.

If you want maximum transparency, along with the efficiency and scalability offered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you should use Salesforce as your CRM and then transition to Commerce Cloud.

To Make Your B2B Salesforce Commerce Cloud Success

Webuters offers an innovative and unmatchable technology consultancy to identify your digitalization needs. Webuters can help you implement the Salesforce CRM with the integrated clouds that your business model requires: sales, marketing, ecommerce, analytics, and much more. If you have any questions on how we can help you with this, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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