Why it is Critical to Focus on Employee Weakness?

Employees are an essential part of any organization or business, if they don’t have the right focus and strength then your company has a

Employees are an essential part of any organization or business, if they don’t have the right focus and strength then your company has a very slight chance of being successful. A team of skilled and strong employees will bring a great amount of energy as well as creativity to the whole work atmosphere.

We tend to mainly focus on our employee’s strengths as we feel that by focusing on their strengths we can harness their talent but have you ever thought about their weaknesses?

Most of you must have answered NO because we feel that knowing our weakness make us weak but on the contrary, we can help the employees turn their weakness into strength or help them cover their blind spots (weaknesses) if they get to know them. So it is crucial as a leader or a boss you focus on your employee’s weaknesses and help them overcome it.

What are the usual Weaknesses found in Employees?

As individuals, we are plagued with a number of weaknesses but as employees, people are generally prone to certain weaknesses, which if addressed can improve their overall workability and strength. A few of these weaknesses are:

• Tardiness or Unpunctuality:

This not only cuts the hours of the employee’s work but also makes others feel hostile towards him/ her because they may have to take on the said person’s workload at the beginning of the day.

• Communication Problems:

Lack of communication not only affects the working of the team but also leads to various misunderstandings as well as other issues.

• Cannot Work in a Team:

If an employee cannot work in a team then he/ she will not be able to contribute to the development and output of the organization.

• Lack of Enthusiasm:

Personal problems might reflect in work as a lack of enthusiasm for the work thus making the employee creatively incapacitated.

These are just a few; there are many other weaknesses that your employee might be suffering from.

What are the Possible Solutions?

You might be confused as to what you must do for improving your employee’s weakness, so here I give you a few solutions you can try and those are:

  • Observe each employee and get to know their weaknesses and the extent of their effects
  • Work with each employee by setting up measurable goals for improvement.
  • Make a system that will help in tracking the progress of the employee and check it regularly
  • Create positive reinforcement that makes the employee overcome issues like punctuality etc.
  • Hold regular picnics and team activities for the whole team to bond and improve their communication levels
  • Improve the understanding of the employees by holding regular seminars and training sessions, which will keep them improving about the advancements in their field and help them improve the skills they possess
  • Create an open work environment that only promotes better communication but also makes it inviting for the employee to share his/ her issues and weaknesses

Be a good leader and boss by not only harnessing your employee’s strengths but also by focusing as well as eliminating their weaknesses!

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