10 Common Shopify Website Design Mistakes That Are Making You Lose Money!

In this article, we’ll explore what some of the common Shopify website design that most people are making. Mistakes happen, [&helli

In this article, we’ll explore what some of the common Shopify website design that most people are making. Mistakes happen, but if you’re losing money because of your website design choices, you might want to take a step back and re-evaluate the way you do things. Let’s dig in!

To understand the problem we need to know the way people navigate, view and use your store.

While designing your online store, Shopify provides you with a huge number of themes and a variety of features that guide you throughout the website development process. Usage of such tools, themes and features in the right manner is the absolute must. This requirement is often not met that leads to flaws in your sales. Therefore, here we are lessening the possibility of a mistake for Shopify users.

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Responsive Design

Responsive design is the latest and most promising trend in Web Design. It is slowly becoming a ‘must-have’ for websites as it gives them more flexibility when building their presence online with enhanced user experience. If a website is not responsive, it doesn’t matter how beautifully it’s written and designed because the user experience is unable to meet the customer’s expectations. By building a responsive website you help your eCommerce business to be able to share the same customers across all platforms. The technology helps your customers feel comfortable when they shop online on their desktop, smart phone and tablet device.

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Navigation is the next step to take once your website is responsive. Giving your customers and visitors a great experience is making sure your website navigates well and is responsive. Navigation is important when you want the customer to find exactly what they are looking for quickly, or find their way around the website. However, if the navigational setup of your site isn’t optimized, they will likely turn away.

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Image Quality

When the user is able to find the product or when they reach the product they are looking for, the first thing their eyes catch is the image of the product. There are multiple ways in which the image quality helps to guide commerce decisions. When a customer views an online catalog, good imagery allows them to make educated decisions about where to start shopping and in which direction they should travel down a list. This can help increase customer satisfaction as well as conversion rates as customers move swiftly through sections of your website or store.

Page Loading Time

Patience may be the key but today’s world has keyless locks. Having a slow website is the ultimate disappointment for a user or customer. No one is patient enough to wait a second longer for your website especially your new visitors. The greater number of alternatives or in other words, the greater number of your competitors make the customers more impatient. They are subconsciously aware of the presence of alternatives and hence end up being impatient over a slow website. To make your customers stick to the beauty of your website, you should consider the page loading time too. A fast and smooth experience is one of the most important factors to gain permanent customers.

Image Size

It is important to keep the quality of an image high, while also ensuring its storage size is small enough to load into the browser. A larger image with low quality can cause a warning or blockage to appear before the user has time to view the information.

High-quality high resolution images are recommended in order to maintain the best quality along with full-sized, detailed images. However, using large product images that are not of the required size creates a problem. The image gets scaled down, resulting in less resolution, poor clarity and blurriness. Out of all these problems, reduced clarity has the biggest impact on sales because having a small product image means many potential buyers will exit before viewing it as its too small.

Call to Action

Showing a call to action can make or break the experience for your customer. It gives them a specific action that they need to take in order to complete exactly what you’ve designed your site around.  There are three primary types: an urgent call to action, a confirmatory call to action, and one that requires the sale. A misleading call to action can cause a user to skip past step or not be sure what button they are supposed to click next. Make sure you are familiar with reminders and common actions so that you avoid making mistakes in your Shopify designs.

Product Descriptions 

After the image, the product description is the foremost necessity for a website. A product without description is like a person without a personality. It is incomplete. Along with the availability of description, the content of description should be short and relevant. You should not misguide your customer. You may end up losing 10 customers over 1 misguided customer. Therefore, availability and relevance of description of product should be in the checklist of your website. Another factor that should be considered in your description of product that it should be short but informative. It means it should make the customer aware about all the features of the product. It should literally describe the product in minimal words. Also, the description should be representative.

Contact Details 

Having a human factor to your website will be your biggest asset. Customers trust people not the website. Therefore, you should provide your customers with your business contact details so that they can build trust before buying your product. The contact detail shared should be genuine and responsive. An active action should have an active response. You should really pass the vibe check to that of your customer for an increase in your sales. Auto-generated responses can be used but not every time. The buyer would want to speak to a person and not a robot if he/she is paying for a product. Today, everything has an alternative. We have reached to a point that humans have built an alternative for themselves as well. So, in order to sell your product to the customer, you should really gain their trust, provide a smooth experience by developing a strategic Shopify website.

404 Page 

404 errors are caused by accidentally typing a URL that does not exist. These errors can lead to visitors praying for information that does not exist on your site, damaging it in the long-run. To avoid this, you should create what is called a 404 custom error page which informs the visitor in a gentle way that they have made an error which apologizes and provides them with additional information about what they were looking for so they can try again.

Site Product Search

Running a campaign for your online store or Shopify Website is never a bad idea. It is another method for increasing sales. An effective campaign can be brought up with the help of site product data provided on your website. It is a reporting feature which needs to be set up well in advance. While setting up SEO and PPC keyword list, this site can become an added advantage. This feature will allow you to learn the pattern in which your site users perform searches. This knowledge of pattern will definitely help you in your SEO and PPC keyword list campaign. SEO plays a vital role in online marketing. Amalgamation of correct knowledge and proper usage of it can affect your website performance in a great manner.

Bottom Line

All the above mentioned points will make your Shopify website design more creative, perform better, and stay away from the risks that such hazards of design may incur. All your efforts will be futile if you do not have a correctly built Shopify website. If you are looking for Shopify development services, we are the ones you should choose! Our services are user-friendly and our Shopify experts are easy to reach. Get in Touch!


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