Increase Shopify Store Revenue With A Mobile App

When it comes to e-commerce, no one does it better than Shopify. Rated as the number one e-commerce support company, […]

When it comes to e-commerce, no one does it better than Shopify. Rated as the number one e-commerce support company, Shopify has been powering small and medium businesses all over the world. With a state-of-the-art backend system and a brilliantly responsive Mobile App, Shopify has been improving on its technology over the years. One of its brilliant features is the integration of third-party apps which allows the user to leverage the power of the Shopify engine.

The Ecosystem

Due to this, an entire industry dedicated to Shopify App development has been established. Developers have been building mobile commerce app that assists the customer take advantage of the features Shopify provides. However, given the plethora of companies developing Shopify mobile app for revenue increment, it becomes a tad difficult to select the right one for your needs.

This is where experience and expertise count.

For e-commerce businesses, it is necessary to remember that just by having a website, does not solve the problem. The website has to be able to evolve over some time. Its design and database should be able to handle the flow of customers as well as scale when the need comes.

An App-Driven World

A majority of eCommerce sales is driven by apps. It is estimated that almost 60% of online sales were done through smartphones. And this is why having an app for the business becomes a necessity.

A skewed thinking that arises after building a website is to make it responsive and have people open it in the mobile through the web browser. While it may be a cost-effective exercise, the same smoothness of function and navigation will never be achieved. Apps create a seamless shopping experience.

It is also essential that no matter which industry you have been selling to or are a part off, the Shopify store needs to have an app.

Truth be told, that the store that you have purchased and integrated into your website is competing with the big daddies of the tech world. Amazon, Alibaba et al have created a certain expectation among the psyche of the consumer.The app is the new mantra and without one your business will never flourish.

Why Mobile Apps?

There are many advantages of having an app, ease of usage being the most basic.

It stays in touch with the customer more intimately through push notifications. With push notifications, you can add consumers to a growing community of people who will act like your customers as well as advertisers in the future. Turning visitors to email listers is time-consuming and often without much result. Hence, the idea of a push notification.

So discounts, sales, delivery alarm becomes a real-time advertisement for your brand.

Flexible payment options are the norm in an app. While this is also available on a website, but that may seem to be a tad tedious. An app is a sign of mobility and the smartphone a miniature universe. Consumers would prefer to use an app rather than visit a site.

The main advantage of an app is speed and the optimization of resources. The navigation process is quick and the interaction is seamless. From product to checkout, the number of steps is kept at a minimum. This makes the entire user experience continuous and enriching.

There are location-based promotion methods which target specific groups. This is ideal in large cities which have even demography spread across the different strata of the economy.

At the end of the day, it is all about customer convenience. An app is a byword for customer engagement and a positive experience will add to that.

Companies building these third-party apps focus on building such a platform that will increase the footfall and the time spent on the app. This increases the possibility of greater sales. A well-made app is an extension of effective customer service. A simple exercise like tracking the delivery of the order and notifying the customer is positive customer service.

One important statistics that we overlook is the amount of time consumers spend on their smartphones. It becomes easier to generate traffic in the app than on a website since our lives have shifted to our smartphones. As technology marches ahead, so will mobile retail, and the numbers will only move north.

Hence, to ensure that the online time spent by potential consumers is not missed out on, look for themes in Shopify that are mobile responsive too and will work for your app. This is effective on many levels:

  • The rate of bounce in a mobile device is far less than on a website
  • The probability of driving sales on the mobile will increase exponentially
  • This is intrinsic to the entire cycle of sales. Increase of it is directly proportional to the increased improvement of app experience.
  • One can run paid ads as seamlessly as it does on websites.

The Future

E-commerce giants Amazon, Ali Baba, and Flipkart have hit the jackpot once their mobile app strategies were sorted. More and more customers started checking out their products online. This created an entire ecosystem that fed off their success. With smaller retailers becoming a part of the overall accomplishment of the internet, they too started creating their own apps. This further pushed the envelope.

At the end of the day, it is the consumer who benefits from being able to choose from such a large variety of sources. This leads to customer retention too. Statistically, 65% of sales happen from repeat customers. It is also essential to retain customers in order to grow. A tight-knit community is created which also acts as the mouthpiece of these apps. Hence, it can also be said that well-built apps act as force multipliers for the business and save on advertising and marketing budget.

Final words

The world is undergoing a tech transformation and a larger percentage of the world population is exposed to newer technologies than it was in the past. The industry is evolving too and creating newer concepts that one point in time seemed to be distant and well nigh impossible.

To be a part of such an experience, come to us. We offer a ready-made mobile solution for Shopify stores, which can be customized for any store within a day. Our experienced team will be able to build and support the app for you with the best possible results.

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