Easy to Use App for your Shopify Store

The features like ease of use, one-click purchase and portability have made mobile apps the best solution for connecting with your custom

When building your eCommerce, you chose Shopify because it is the most convenient, secure and easiest of all. But the million-dollar question is how to scale the business? The answer is by going mobile!

Enter the world of mobile commerce with Shopify mobile app.  Now what you need is an elegant design, outstanding features and smooth navigation. You have to go nowhere for that, StudioonMobile is for Android and iOS that help take your store sales to the next level.

StudioonMobile development team will help you set up your marketplace quickly and get started with selling your products and services through mobile. Let’s dig deeper into why you need an eCommerce mobile app for your Shopify store.

Why your Online Shopify Store Needs Mobile App?

Technological advancements have made mobile phones a crucial part of human life. And the pandemic has made it even more important, now the world is on mobile and that’s a major reason why your store needs a mobile app that offers a personalized experience.

The features like ease of use, one-click purchase and portability have made mobile apps the best solution for connecting with your customers.

With StudioOnMobile you stay connected to your customers 24/7 allowing them to shop from anywhere, anytime.

Aren’t these reasons enough to get a mobile app for your online Shopify store?

Why I Need Mobile App When I have a Mobile Friendly Shopify Website?

You might be wondering what is the need for a mobile app if you have a mobile-friendly Shopify store. The first thing you need to understand is that mobile-friendly website and mobile app works in a lot different way! The smooth navigation, multiple features and ease of use that comes with a mobile app can never be covered by a mobile-friendly web presence. And that’s the reason it is called the mobile presence of web.
store to app
To make it easy for you, know why a mobile app is important for your store

Personalized Experience

A mobile app gives a better-personalized experience to the user as well as is better on performance when compared to a mobile-friendly website.

Improved User Experience

When comparing the website to Native apps, the user experience is better in latter as the easy of shopping and selling comes to the palm of your hand.

Customer Engagement

It’s easy to use apps, as mobile is a device that you carry along. So once the user downloads the app, he will stay logged in. While with mobile he has to login for every new visit. Also, the added advantage is that on mobile apps everything is possible on taps.

Access anytime, anywhere

 Customers can access the app anytime, anywhere which thereby increases customer engagement.

Improved Sales

Now, most of the customers prefer shopping using their mobile devices, so having a mobile presence will definitely take the sales up.

If you are still not convinced on why you should have a mobile app for your online Shopify store, you need to know a few more things:

  • • Websites are created for introducing business and attracting new customers but mobile apps are to get you a loyal customer base.
  • • Using an online store is a multi-step process, while the app works on finger taps. Customers love things that save their time, so the choice is yours!
  • • Customer stay logged in into the app for longer as compared to the web store.
  • • In the present world of tech, mobile websites are a way to encourage customers to download the app. All this to maintain better customer relations.

Why StudioOnMobile?

StudioOnMobile is designed for today’s customers to help your store grow by increased sales, enhanced conversions and improved customer engagement. You can take your store on mobile in minutes with the help of a team of experts. Know why you need StudioOnMobile for your store.

shopify apps

  • • Native app with latest customer-friendly features.
  • • Scales the reach of your online store.
  • • Smooth navigation, best-in-class features and personalized shopping experience.
  • • Quick to set up and highly customizable.
  • • Meets every corner of your business needs.
  • • Drives more sales.
  • • Better brand presence.
  • • Exceptional Support.

StudioOnMobile is a Shopify eCommerce app that is designed and developed to take your online store and sales to the next level. Elegant design, user-friendly features, and smooth working is all you need to give the right voice to your business.

Wondering how to get started? Get in Touch with us.

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