6 Must-Know Features of the Salesforce Platform

Since the beginning, Salesforce has worked to improve Salesforce features and functions to make sure that its products improve customer [

Since the beginning, Salesforce has worked to improve Salesforce features and functions to make sure that its products improve customer engagement for companies all over the world.

It can be challenging for non-profits to work with donors, volunteers, and clients. As one cannot completely avoid human error, maintaining the contacts accurately and guaranteeing donor satisfaction are only hypothetical. Also, large dataset creation and maintenance can be a pain for anyone. Luckily, Salesforce functions and features provide a variety of useful CRM solutions that can help you handle all sorts of CRM-related challenges and also reduce errors while broadening your brand’s impact.

Salesforce is the go-to CRM platform because of its adaptability, user-friendly interface, and global acceptability. With its enormous features and tools, your life will undoubtedly become more organized and productive in the future. The software of this site is unquestionably a formidable power. Everyday Salesforce users may be familiar with the complexities involved and how long it took them to get there.

A Salesforce org looking to equip its workforce with Salesforce features and functions must know about the top offerings by this platform. In this blog, we’ve outlined the top 6 features that Salesforce customers and those intending to use its services ought to be aware of.

What is Salesforce and What Does it Do?

Before moving to discussing Salesforce features and functions, let us understand what Salesforce is and what does it can do.

Salesforce is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) provider, which means it houses an online application that users may access. A subscription-based pay-as-you-go business model is used to run it. Salesforce is available from any device at any time because all data and information are saved in the cloud. It also enables precise real-time updates and live data tracking.

The latest Salesforce features provide assistance in situations where businesses often feel frustrated or overburdened when their customer data is not shareable and unreadable, as well as not accurately describing their audience or needs. For instance, sales and marketing don’t communicate information or data well; sales are not aware when a consumer contacts customer care, and vice versa.

Salesforce is an expert in customer relationship management in particular CRM. A CRM platform, as you might expect, facilitates stronger customer relationships for businesses. The technology has the capacity to pinpoint the names of a company’s top leads and even offers advice on what to do next. Salesforce’s features go beyond bringing in new clients; they also aim to maintain existing ones and foster brand loyalty.

Although there are alternative CRMs available, Salesforce has taken over as the lead. It provides a wide range of services that enable companies to interact with their customers in ways that go beyond the obvious. Salesforce claims that by knowing its consumers’ requirements and problems, its services help businesses gain more clients. By adopting tailored marketing techniques, firms may reach a larger audience.

Salesforce service cloud features develop and support customer relationship management (CRM) software to provide businesses with a holistic view of their customers. CRM helps to break down the technology barriers between departments. When Salesforce technology is used, staff members from marketing, sales, commerce, customer service, and information technology (IT) may collaborate globally on a single customer view from any device.

How Does Salesforce Work?

Salesforce’s Customer 360 provides tools that bring all teams together around a single, shared view of customer data on an integrated platform, including marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT. It is a collection of robust apps that helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers wherever they are.

Employees have access to the data they require to perform at their highest level. They can also work together and cooperate with colleagues much more effortlessly. In the end, this results in more tailored, linked experiences for your clients, strengthening connections.

How? The amount of time it takes businesses to resolve customer complaints is reduced by this comprehensive perspective of every consumer. Additionally, it gets rid of redundant communication and makes it possible for incredibly tailored interactions. Furthermore, coordinating service, sales, and marketing enable team management, keeping everyone on the same page. Salesforce really promotes its sophisticated algorithm for producing more effective agents.

From a customer service perspective, Salesforce service cloud features enable businesses to address customer support concerns more quickly. The platform’s insightful analytics data also guide upcoming marketing initiatives and significantly boosts firm revenue streams.

Additionally, Salesforce supports its capability to provide improved purchasing experiences, making it a useful tool in the eCommerce industry. Users have the option to create their own unique applications that automate time-consuming operations in addition to the free and paid apps that are offered on the app market.

Why you should know about Salesforce Features and Functions?

Salesforce is a popular CRM software that helps companies manage their sales and customer interactions. The software has a lot of features that can help businesses improve their efficiency. Some of the features include: Sales tracking and forecasting, customer relationship management, lead capture and nurturing, contact management, and marketing automation. These features can help businesses achieve their goals faster and with more accuracy. If you’re looking for CRM software that can help you grow your business, then you should definitely consider using Salesforce.

Now let us dive into the top 6 Salesforce featured and functions list that every user must know about.

6 Must-know Salesforce Features and Functions

  • AppExchange 

It is an ecosystem of 5000 pre-installed Salesforce apps that enables organizations to integrate Salesforce functionality across all of their customer-facing teams and departments.

There are 157 Lightning-ready third-party applications available in the Salesforce shop. To ensure that organizations can operate smoothly on the Salesforce platform, all of the applications housed in this store have undergone comprehensive assessment and integration. These 157 Lightning-compatible applications will be most useful to businesses as they transition to the lightning interface. Simply check for the lightning symbol before the apps to identify those that are compatible with lightning.

  • Chatter

For businesses and teams to cooperate, there are several simple and affordable messaging solutions available. However, the one drawback of these systems is that they run outside of the company’s CRM and are not completely safe.

Salesforce Chatter is an instant messaging program that functions similarly to social media sites like Twitter or Facebook (with capabilities like file attachment, “@ & # usage,” and threaded chats).

Even though you might not utilize “Chatter” on a regular basis, it is always available to you at no additional cost. You can join an existing topic or start a brand-new one using “Chatter.”

  • Lightning App builder 

The best feature available right now is the new Salesforce Lightning App Builder. Salesforce Lightning is a component-based framework that enables you to create applications without having any prior programming knowledge. With just a few clicks and taps, you can create professional-quality applications. The team members that need to customize pages the most benefit from the capability. Salesforce’s Lightning application builder makes a guarantee that faulty code won’t cause your business to come to an abrupt stop.

Salesforce Lightning app builder enables users to quickly create an app in a matter of a few clicks. While some UX/UI expertise may be helpful to determine the visual look and feel of your application, the procedure as a whole is very simple.

Lightning app builder includes three segments: Lightning exchange components developed by Salesforce partners, Salesforce.org prebuilt components, and its own custom components.

  • Dashboards

Salesforce.com can be thought of as a sizable database that has been compiled with the company’s essential daily information. This business data is compiled into key business indicators via the Salesforce “Dashboards” feature/tool, which is then displayed in real-time in a variety of aesthetically pleasing formats, including pie charts, tables, funnel charts, dashboards, graphs, and more.

The key benefit of the Salesforce dashboard is that you can quickly sort and view different types of data without having to dig into its specifics. The dashboard lets you monitor a variety of data, such as sales numbers, donor information, successful conversion rate, gift contributions, leads, etc. Additionally, you may decide how you want to illustrate the layout of these data displays.

  • Mobile Compatibility 

Salesforce is now accessible on mobile devices for those of you who are constantly on the go! We’ve all experienced panic episodes when we wanted to check data but didn’t have access to laptops.

Well, it is no more a hassle trying to access the info on a laptop when one isn’t available. A scaled-down version of your preferred Salesforce CRM is the Salesforce app. All of your critical data is now available to you at all times thanks to this new Salesforce function or application.

  • Email Templates

Did you know that with Salesforce you could design custom email templates with your company’s branding?

These email templates make sure you can use a particular kind of email for a particular reason. If a message needs to be conveyed to a big number of customers, the pre-scripted emails and the logo of your company may make things incredibly simple and effective.

By using this Salesforce feature, companies can send pre-written email templates with their branding on them instead of writing each message manually, which can be time-consuming and result in mistakes.

Furthermore, a value-added benefit of this feature is that businesses can track when e-mails are opened and how many times they are opened, which is a huge advantage over any other channel.


To sum up, Salesforce features and functions make managing client relationships easier and less of a hassle. Salesforce’s Sales Cloud Einstein provides you with a complete collection of CRM features to hasten corporate operations and boost efficiency and productivity.

Sales Cloud technologies assist representatives in closing business by reducing duplication, streamlining processes, setting priorities, improving communication, and accessing information. Managers profit from CRM software capabilities that provide a single picture of history and status, as well as tools to create workflows and approval processes that increase efficiency. With the use of Sales Cloud dashboards, analytics, and forecasting tools, leadership will be able to steer the ship better. Every sales team’s performance is the culmination of all of the decisions made by everybody involved. Together, these CRM software capabilities enable speedier and higher-quality business decisions, which boost sales to new heights.

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