How Nonprofits Can Benefit From Salesforce NPSP?

Non-profits are considered to be the main foundation of future digital changes. Several small-sized companies began their journey without

Non-profits are considered to be the main foundation of future digital changes. Several small-sized companies began their journey without the presence of a reliable system. However, these systems can help in boosting the efficiency of a company.

Currently, Salesforce has now become an efficient solution for nonprofit organizations. But, do you know that more than 40000 nonprofit organizations are using Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack? So, what is so unique about NPSP? And how non-profits can benefit from it.

 What is Salesforce NPSP?

To start with, NPSP stands for Nonprofit Success Pack. This is basically a package introduced by popular Salesforce CRM. Thus, NPSP is readily available on the App Exchange platform. As said above, NPSP has several features exclusively for businesses in the non-profit sector.

Therefore, NPSP offers efficient flexibility to achieve the desired goals. For that, it uses specific configurations to offer customization. The CRM software by Salesforce CRM comes with various solutions such as.

  • Program Management
  • Fundraising
  • Grants Management
  • Engagement and Marketing

These are the essential solutions by Salesforce CRM that helps nonprofits to track their data.

Benefits of Salesforce NPSP

These are some widespread benefits of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack that you must know.

  • Salesforce NPSP lets you track the relationship with different contacts, recurring donations, etc. In addition, nonprofits can create personalized dashboards for several teams. Hence, it helps boost the engagement of different teams of an organization.
  • NPSP helps you to manage necessary contacts easily. For example, you can easily handle personal and household accounts, campaigns, organization accounts, etc. Furthermore, you can grant lifecycles as well.
  • You can also track the information if you have acknowledged any donor. You can quickly know the campaigns that led them to their donations. Therefore, reporting is a critical part of non-profit organizations. Interruption or delay in regular updates can lead to significant losses.
  • Additionally, Salesforce NPSP also has a feature of “General Accounting Unit. ” With its help, it becomes easier to track specific soft credits for businesses.
  • Furthermore, you can customize the functions accordingly for tracking program details. Other than that, you can do customization for meals, table booking, campaign management, etc.
  • Lastly, Salesforce NPSP is highly cost-effective. Yes, that’s true. The products are affordable and reliable at the same time. Apart from that, the initial 10 subscriptions are free for non-profit organizations. So now, anyone small or big non-profit organization can deploy this system without much hassle.

So, if you want to track donations and charitable gifts for funding, then NPSP is the reliable option.

NPSP Works for:

These are the following categories for which NPSP works. Have a thorough look at them.

Fundraising for Nonprofits

First of all, fundraising is one of the significant aspects of every nonprofit organization. It is because these funds are essential for charitable trusts and even businesses.

Thus, it fuels the leading cause by collecting revenue and boosting new opportunities. Therefore, fundraising can be highly beneficial for individuals or communities who need financial help.

Engagement for Nonprofits

NPSP also works for the engagement purpose of nonprofits. However, engagement for nonprofits resembles donations, volunteer participation, advocacy work, etc. For this, nonprofit organizations have to focus on specific strategy building. Hence, they have to evaluate organizational resources. Only then will it be possible to attract the target audience for these specific purposes.

Moreover, volunteers working in nonprofit organizations want opportunities to grow and learn. Also, it is imperative that they feel connected to the workplace for more engagement.

Program Management with Nonprofit Cloud 

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack cloud helps the organization in effectively managing and quantifying its programs. Basically, it is an open-source app that helps in providing significant objects for managing programs.

So, program management and the NPSP allow its users to record any data. These data are specifically used for maintaining a solid relationship with clients. However, nonprofit organizations need to adopt various life cycle projects to accomplish their needs for funding.

Marketing Cloud for the Nonprofits

Additionally, the Salesforce Marketing Clouds for non-profits help establish robust communication. Thus, the marketing cloud is exclusively designed to improve the communication strategy faster and more efficiently.

In this way, you can engage with your supporters through personalized messages and emails. The marketing cloud comes with in-built templates for donors, sustainers, volunteers, etc. It means that you can create eye-catching and clean emails to send to your supporters.

How Can a Nonprofit Benefit From Salesforce NPSP?

You need to understand what are the significant problem that organizations face without Salesforce NPSP. These are some of the difficulties that one of our esteemed customers was experiencing before adopting Salesforce NPSP.

The problem in Data Management– Organisations often face problems in handling typical data. It includes data of grants, organizations, affiliates, etc. Hence, the old traditional system was not capable of providing efficiency.

Lack of Transparency in Financial Flow– Secondly, financial transparency is significant for any non-profit organization. The funds mainly come from grants, donations, etc., so it was highly painstaking to track them. But, the integration of Salesforce has fuelled the workflow by providing the benefit of tracking.

Less Engagement of Donors– Thirdly, it is evident that the old system didn’t have the capability to manage the data smartly. This led to a drawback and poor alignment of managing prospects and affiliates.

Issues in Managing Contact Process– Before the arrival of NPSP, it was highly challenging to work on several contracts simultaneously. Also, various business subsidiaries faced several issues in the internal processes.

Lack of Better Analytics and Reporting– So the non-availability of tracking systems caused a significant delay in analysis. As a result, companies were not able to make proactive decisions and faced losses.

Implementation of Better Workflow– Lastly, there was no authentic automation system for nonprofits. Hence, process-based approvals like Agreements for the Compliance department, Grant approval, etc., affected the workflow as well.

Subsequently, Salesforce for nonprofits can be used for optimizing the workflow. Thus, it is similar for businesses in any other category. Also, the adoption of Salesforce NPSP is beneficial for both internal and external stakeholders.

Now, non-profits can effectively manage their fundraising campaigns, donation cycles, etc. It is needless to say that they can effectively handle several processes cross-functionally by adopting Salesforce NPSP.



The Benefits

  • Managing contacts, households, personal accounts, donations, campaigns, and grants can be done with Salesforce NPSP.
  • The relationships between donations, contacts, and recurring donations are tracked within it.

If you are a nonprofit that needs to track donations and charitable gift contributions, NPSP is the answer.

  • All the features offered by NPSP are fully customizable, which makes it easy to alter and adjust different fields for Organization’s requirements.
  • NPSP allows tracking standard donations, grants, pledges, in-kind donations, major gifts, recurring gifts, matching gifts, and many more.
  • It’s easy to track grant deliverables and soft credits for both contacts and organizations.
  • The General Accounting Unit (GAU) object enables you to check where the gift is being directed to.
  • One of the great benefits of NPSP for nonprofits is Roll-up Summary Fields.
  • NPSP can be used to track all of their donors, not just those making a donation, and give businesses a better understanding of the donor’s journey, which can help them better serve their organization. They also make donor management, recognition programs, and fundraising easier to manage.

A Nonprofit Used the Power of NPSP with Webuters

So, now you know all the challenges that nonprofits can face when running without NPSP, let’s take a look at what Webuters did more to help this nonprofit unleash the power of NPSP. Also, this will answer why do you need to choose Webuters. How does it stand better? Well, there are several integrations along with the standard Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack that we performed for the customer to help them make the most of NPSP.

After taking into consideration all above discussed major concerns and challenges of the business, we designed a powerful CRM system for business by using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offerings, where they are now able to manage their entire fundraising operations, online campaigning, donations, with easy management of opportunities, grants and compliance process for contact management.

Due to Salesforce’s highly customizable offerings, it has been easy for us to achieve desired outcomes. There have been a lot of technical challenges throughout this journey, but a lack of proper implementation would not allow a business to achieve these same results.

Well, there are several integrations done by the Webuters team along with the standard Nonprofit feature. Have a look at them below.

Classy Integration

Let’s talk about the smooth and seamless integration of Salesforce NPSP and Classy by Webuters. Now, the complete process is automated, especially the fund-raising process. In this, every online donation gets updated to Salesforce automatically. Hence, it means that the manual process was eliminated. Apart from that, this automatically pushes the donations as an opportunity with account and contact level data creation for nonprofits. Furthermore, putting the data in CRM with detailed and relevant information creates a simplified view. On the other hand, refining and restricting the field structure enhances the data quality.

Smart Nonprofit Data Management

We simplified the system for data collection through NPSP making everything fast and simple. It is effortless to control, collect, and load data from different sources. Putting all the CRM data in one place with all of the relevant information created a consolidated view. Streamlining the structure of the data by refining and restricting the field, improved quality. As the data is extracted from multiple systems, converting them into Salesforce-friendly terminology was the first step. Lastly, scrubbing the data and completing relevant system loads was a significant step to accomplish.

Better Compliance Process

After completing the onboarding of the entire compliance process, managing the workload has become more accessible for internal staff. Now, the internal staff can easily manage everything proactively on significant contracts. Hence, everything from start to end is exclusive and improved.

Therefore, now with complete process improvement, a better SLA was observed across the processes. The chances of error are meager across different contract approval.

Bottom Line

The implementation has helped Organization streamline its processes, and manage and track constituents, and donors more effectively, thus ensuring significant improvement in operational efficiency. In addition, the Nonprofit Success Pack configuration will help keep fundraising, contracts, and opportunity information organized and easy to manage given the scalable nature of the platform.

In conclusion, the implementation has helped business organizations immensely. Hence, from the above discussion, you can see that it helped optimize the process. It has become easier to manage and track information about donors and constituents. Therefore, it ensures a significant improvement in operational efficiency. Additionally, the Nonprofit Success Pack configuration helps keep all fundraising, contracts, and opportunity data safe, organized, and easy to manage. Therefore, NPSP adoption can essentially help boost the profits of non-profit organizations.

Get ahead with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) as you begin to explore the full force of Salesforce CRM. The NPSP provides a head start and could make all the difference in your business. The NPSP has tools for making non-profit work more effective and successful, but it’s just the beginning! Want to know more about how Salesforce NPSP can be implemented for your nonprofit? Get in touch!

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